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Selected CS Faculty Publications

Evolutionary system development
Peter J. Denning, Chris Gunderson, Rick Hayes-Roth
December 2008
Communications of the ACM , Volume 51 Issue 12
Large systems projects are failing at an alarming rate. It's time to take evolutionary design methods off the shelf.

Voices of computing
Peter J. Denning
August 2008
Communications of the ACM , Volume 51 Issue 8
The choir of engineers, mathematicians, and scientists who make up the bulk of our field better represents computing than the solo voice of the programmer.

Getting to "we"
Peter J. Denning, Peter Yaholkovsky
April 2008
Communications of the ACM , Volume 51 Issue 4
Solidarity, not software, generates collaboration.

Garfinkel, S., and Migletz, J., "The new XML Office Document Files", (to appear in) IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine.

Garfinkel, S. "Providing Cryptographic Security and Evidentiary Chain-of-Custody with the Advanced Forensic Format, Library, and Tools" The International Journal of Digital Crime and Forensics, Volume 1, Issue 1, January-March 2009.

Garfinkel, S. "Right on Time? The Security Implications of the Humble Computer Clock", CSO Magazine, March 2, 2009

Garfinkel, S., and Rosenberg., B., "Face Recognition: Clever or Creepy?", Technology Review, February 27, 2009.

Huffmire, T. , Brotherton, B., Sherwood, T., Kastner, R., Levin, T. E., Nguyen, T. D., and Irvine, C. E., "Managing Security in FPGA-Based Embedded Systems," IEEE Design and Test of Computers, Vol 25, No. 6, pp 590-598. (PDF)

T. Huffmire, T. Sherwood, R. Kastner, and T. Levin, "Enforcing memory policy specifications in reconfigurable hardware," Computers & Security, vol. 27, pp. 197–215, October 2008. (PDF)

T. E. Levin, C. E. Irvine, and T. D. Nguyen, "Least privilege in separation kernels," in E-business and Telecommunication Networks (J. Filipe and M. S. Obaidat, eds.), vol. 9 of Communications in Computer and Information Science, pp. 146 – 158, Springer, 2008. (PDF)

Irvine, C. E., Levin, T. E., Clark, P. C., and Nguyen, T. D., " Security Architecture for Transient Trust, Computer Security Architecture Workshop," Fairfax, VA, October 2008. (PDF) A

F. Le, G. Xie, and H. Zhang, "Instability Free Routing: Beyond One Protocol Instance," in Proc. ACM CoNEXT Conference, Madrid, Spain, December 2008.

W. Fischer, G. Xie, and J. Young, "Cross-Domain Fault Localization: A Case for a Graph Digest Approach," in Proc. IEEE Third Workshop on Internet Network Management (INM'08) , Orlando, FL, USA, October 2008.

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