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Research is a major activity of the Systems Engineering faculty and is an integral component of the student experience in every Systems Engineering program of study. Research in Systems Engineering consists of three primary types:

  1. Student Thesis Research
    • Required for students in the resident MSSE program
    • Research topics may be suggested by students, faculty, or external sponsors
    • Must relate in some fashion to the engineering of complex systems
    • May be analytical, experimental, or design-oriented
    • Represents individual work of the student
    • Results in a publishable thesis

  2. Student SE Projects (MSSE, resident and non-resident; SEA; and Total Ship Systems Engineering programs)
    • Required for students in all SE degree programs
    • Must address the design of a complex system
    • Is performed by a team of 4-12 students
    • Projects are typically suggested by faculty or external sponsors
    • May require the development of new tools or approaches
    • May require prototyping
    • Result in formal NPS project reports
    • Report must demonstrate participation of all students on the team

  3. Faculty Research
    • Expected of tenure-track faculty
    • May address any aspect of systems engineering or its application to a complex system
    • Funding is typically reimbursable from an external sponsor
    • Is the primary source of faculty-generated thesis projects
    • The Systems Engineering Department currently emphasizes research in:
      1. Systems engineering process
      2. SE specialty disciplines (reliability, human systems integration, logistics, safety, etc.)
      3. Simulation and modeling of complex systems
      4. Biologically-inspired unmanned vehicle and robotic control systems
      5. Counter-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
      6. Ship systems
      7. Combat systems
      8. Network-centric systems

A general description of NPS Systems Engineering courses and laboratories (and how they support research) is provided in the NPS Research links below, along with examples of student and faculty research.


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