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In FY06 the Systems Engineering Department was funded to establish five laboratory complexes to support its courses, projects, and faculty research.  The five Systems Engineering laboratories are: 

  • SE01 – Systems Engineering Demonstration Lab – This laboratory provides space & equipment for developing and housing a wide variety of demonstrations that enhance courses in the systems engineering curricula.

  • SE02 – Systems Engineering Computation Lab – This laboratory provides computational support for large-scale simulation, modeling, and systems engineering projects. It houses Lockheed Martin systems engineering software, a variety of complex simulation & modeling software (such as the Navy Simulation System), and the 75 interconnected computers needed to run that software. The lab also provides a general-purpose computing facility that supports all systems engineering classes, thesis projects, and capstone projects. It may be utilized by distance learning students as well as resident students.
  • SE03 – Systems Engineering Projects Lab – This laboratory provides an environment in which students can work together to pursue team-based systems engineering projects or pursue independent study related to courses or thesis research. In addition, facilities, tools, and materials are provided to permit fabrication, assembly, integration, and test of electronic and mechanical equipment in support of projects and theses.
  • SE04 – Systems Engineering Foundations Lab – This laboratory provides direct exposure to the scientific concepts and techniques that underlie modern engineering disciplines.  It provides facilities and equipment to perform basic experiments in physics, chemistry, biology, electronics, and materials sciences.  This laboratory also provides basic equipment that facilitates hardware-oriented thesis research programs and student capstone projects.  Administered within the SE Foundations Lab are the Physical Systems Lab, the Defense Applications Lab, the Nuclear Detector Lab, the Electro-Optical Sensor Systems Lab, and the Virtual Lab.  The Physical Systems Lab supports experiments that elucidate the fundamental properties, characteristics, and interactions of mechanical, thermodynamic, and electromagnetic systems. The Defense Applications Lab supports experiments involving wet chemistry, microorganisms, and/or biological materials. It provides facilities and equipment for simple chemical synthesis, chemical analysis, electrochemistry, microbial culture, microscopy, DNA analysis, and other biotechnologies. The Nuclear Detector Lab supports experiments involving detection of nuclear radiation. It hosts a variety of low-level radioactive sources, detector systems, signal processing electronics, and shielding against background radiation. The Electro-Optical Sensor Systems Lab supports experiments involving electro-optical sensors (television, image intensifiers, thermal imaging, etc.) that require complete darkness for some measurements. The Virtual Lab supports portable laboratory concepts, especially software-based virtual experiments and software that is not available for network use in the SE Computation Lab. It also supports distance learning activities by providing a foundation for future insertion of laboratory experiences into the DL systems engineering courses.


  • SE05 – Systems Engineering Applications Lab – This laboratory augments lecture courses in the engineering applications tracks (including combat systems, ship systems, and enterprise systems, among others) in the systems engineering curriculum.  It provides hands-on experience with important concepts and permits direct observation of critical phenomena associated with combat systems and sensor/weapon networks.  It also provides basic and advanced equipment that can be used in student thesis projects and capstone design projects.  Experiments cover the gamut from signal propagation to sensor fundamentals to specific sensor technologies to weapons operational concepts to sensor & weapon networks to technologies associated with the integration of sensors, weapons, and control technologies into modern military platforms of all types.   Administered within the SE Applications Lab are the Ship Systems/Combat Systems Lab, the Enterprise Systems Lab, and the Laser/Lidar Development Lab.


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