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Faculty and Staff:

  Anderson, TimothyLecturerMS, Naval Postgraduate School, 1994
   Cost estimation, cost analysis, risk and uncertainty analysis.
  Berlitz, BarbaraSenior Lecturer (2011)J.D., Monterey College of Law, 1985
  Boensel, MattSenior Lecturer (1999)*MS, Naval Postgraduate School, 1988
   Decision analysis, optimization, modeling and simulation of operational systems.
  Calvano, Charles N.Professor Emeritus (1991)ED, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970
   Design and construction of Navy ships and the use of systems engineering methods in those processes, ship survivability.
  Chung, TimothyAssistant Professor (2011)PhD, California Institute of Techonology, 2007
   Robotics and unmanned systems, operations analysis and search modeling, multi-agent and sensor systems, modeling and simulation, field experimentation.
  Gehris, RamaProfessor of Practice (2011)DSc, The George Washington University, 2011
   Software process, software maintenance, numerical analysis, expert judgement theory.
  Giachetti, RonaldProfessor (2011)PhD, North Carolina State University, 1996
   Enterprise systems, system architecture, system of systems engineering, system modeling.
  Giammarco, KristinAssociate Professor (2009)PhD, Naval Postgraduate School, 2012
   Development and teaching of courses in systems engineering; systems assessment; architecture development, integration and analysis; modeling & simulation; experimentation; development and teaching of asynchronous and synchronous courses for distributed learning via web applications;  engineering analysis techniques for large scale software-intensive systems, especially modeling, simulation, and emulation of integrated architectures; validation of network models; formal expression of architecture relationships; multiple criteria analysis and decision support.
  Green, MikeSenior Lecturer (2002)MBA, MSCS University of New Haven, 1998
   Sensor fusion, open architecture, software product lines, human systems integration, combat systems design, layered weapons systems concepts.
  Harney, RobertAssociate ProfessorPhD, University of California, Davis, 1976
   Laser radar systems for target identification and chemical species monitoring, electro-optical and infrared countermeasures and counter-countermeasures, technology assessment methodology, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, unconventional weapons of mass destruction, prediction of future threat military force possibilities, possibilities and limitations of nonlethal weapons technologies, identification of fundamental unifying concepts in combat systems technology.
  Hernandez, Alejandro (COL. Ret.)Associate Professor (2008)                                                                                     PhD, Naval Postgraduate School, 2008
   Operational Management Test & Evaluation: Statistics for Technical Management Probability and Statistics Wargaming Analysis: Military and Business Applications
  Holness, KarenAssistant Professor (2015)PhD, The University at Buffalo, 2008
  Klamo, JosephAssistant Professor (2015)PhD, The California Institute of Technology (2009)
  Kolar, RameshResearch Assistant Professor (1997)PhD, The University of Arizona, 1984
   Mechanical and aerospace systems, risk, uncertainty and cost estimation, computational methods, probabilistic risk assessment and simulation, forecasting and time series analaysis, analysis of alternatives and cost-benefit analysis, financial management, performance measurement, modeling & simulation in materials, mechanics, composites.
  Kwinn, Brigitte E.Lecturer (2008)MS, University of Arizona, 1994
   Systems engineering methodology and systems engineering of ground combat systems.
  Langford, Gary O.Senior Lecturer (2005)PhD, University of South Australia, 2013
   Systems integration, value systems engineering, lifecycle managment.
  Madachy, RaymondAssociate Professor (2008)PhD, University of Southern California, 1994
   Modeling and simulation of processes for architecting and engineering of complex systems; cost analysis and value-based engineering of software intensive systems; quantitative methods for systems risk management; systems and software measurement; process improvement; and quality; integrating systems engineering and software engineering disciplines and empirical-based research with process simulation.
  Miller, Greg A.Senior Lecturer (2004)MS, Naval Postgraduate School, 1992
   Networked command and control, automated decision aids.
  Montgomery, PaulAssociate Professor (2008)DSc, The George Washington University, 2007
   Model-Based Sysetms Engineering (MBSE), Intelligence-surveillance-reconnaissance (ISR) systems architecture and integration, cognitive/adaptive systems, signal processing and communications systems and sensors, systems architecture.
  Muehlbach, DonaldProfessor of Practice (2009)PhD, Capella University, 2008
   Systems Engineering, C4ISR, T&E, Acquisition, Combat Systems, Naval engineering.
  Nelson, Douglas H.Associate Professor (2011)PhD, University of New Mexico, 1999
   Combat systems, sensors and weapons systems, nonlethal, directed energy & advanced weapons systems, ladar, systems engineering & analysis.
  Owen, Walter E.Senior Lecturer (1992)DPA, Golden Gate University, 1998
   Defense Acquisition and Program Management, Systems Engineering, General Management, Public Administration.
  Paulo, EugeneAssociate Professor (2000)PhD, University of Central Florida, 1998
   Systems analysis of future combat systems; combat simulation; probabilistic, stochastic models, Operations Research problem solving methodology; design of experiments.
  Rhoades, MarkSenior Lecturer (2001)MS, Naval Postgraduate School, 1990, 2006
   Distance learning education, UAV technologies and applications, space technology development, risk analysis and risk management, group decision making.
  Shebalin, Paul V.Professor of Practice (2003)DSc, The George Washington University, 1997
   Systems engineering process modeling, embedded computer systems design and development, autonomous systems, systems of systems.
  Solitario, William A.Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Chair (2003)BS, City College of New York, 1962
   Ship design advanced technology.
  Stevens, Mark R.Senior Lecturer (2003)MS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1988
   Sensor and weapons systems; Combat Systems technology; Directed energy/advanced weapons systems; Systems Engineering methodology; integrated systems.
  Sweeney, JosephLecturer (2010)MS, Naval Postgraduate School, 1987
  Vaneman, Warren K.Professor of Practice (2012)PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2002
   System of systems engineering, model-based systems engineering, systems dynamics.
  Whitcomb, CliffordProfessor (2005)PhD, University of Maryland, 1998
   Naval construction and engineering, Six Sigma, design for Six Sigma, naval systems engineering, naval surface combatant and submarine design and production, robust design and production, submarine propulsion systems, electric power systems engineering, computer and internet-aided product development, multidisciplinary design optimization, and multiple criteria decision making.
  Yakimenko, OlegProfessor (2011)PhD, Air Force Engineering Academy, 1991
   Flight and orbital mechanics, system dynamics and control, GNC of manned and unmanned vehicles, modeling and simulation of combat systems, testing and evaluation, human factors, computer-aided design, numerical methods, applied optimization.
  Young, BonnieLecturer (2011)MS, Johns Hopkins University, 2002
   Integrated battle management and fire control, automated decision aids for combat systems, distributed command and control architectures, and systems of systems engineering.
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  Angelis, DianaAssociate Professor (1997)PhD, University of Florida, 1996
  Dillard, JohnSenior Lecturer (2004)MA, East Carolina University, 1973
  Ha, TriProfessor (1987)PhD, University of Maryland, 1977
  Kang, KeebomAssociate Professor of Logistics (1988)PhD, Purdue University, 1984
  Roberts, BenjaminSenior Lecturer (1984)PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 1977
  Shattuck, Lawrence GSenior Lecturer (2005)PhD, The Ohio State University, 1995
  Shattuck, NitaAssociate Processor (2008)PhD, University of Texas, 1982
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  Cain, KathieEducation Associate (2002)MS, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1989
  Beery, PaulFaculty Associate - Research (2009)MS, Naval Postgraduate School, 2011
  Day, MichaelFaculty Associate - Research (2011)MS, Naval Postgraduate School, 2012
  Jones, MariannaFaculty Associate - Research (2003)MS, Naval Postgraduate School, 2007
  Khan, RabiaFaculty Associate - Research (2012)BS, University of California, Davis, 2008
  Parker, GaryFaculty Associate - Research (2010)MS, Naval Postgraduate School, 1986
  White, CorinaFaculty Associate - Research (2012)BS, Prairie View A&M University, 2007
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  Daley, CyndyOperations Assistant (2009) 
  Hahn, HeatherEducation Technician (2008)BS, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2002
  Jordan, AlbertAcademic Lab Engineer (2010)MS, University of California, Davis 2009
  Murawski, SaraOperations Assistant (2008)BS, California State University, Monterey Bay, 2009
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* The year of first joining the Naval Postgraduate School is indicated in parenthesis.

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