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Research conducted within the ECE Department


Research conducted by ECE faculty spans a broad swath of leading-edge technology which impacts most facets of the Defense Department's warfighting capability, ranging from secure voice and computer communication networks to advanced information warfare systems, guidance of precision strike weapons and shipboard electric power. Faculty address new challenges continuously as projects are brought on board to investigate the latest technical problems. A brief description of current research is presented below.

Communication Systems: To be added...

Computer Systems: The Computer Systems specialization track provides students with both a broad view of the field of computer engineering and also the in-depth technical knowledge necessary to solve complex technical problems involving computer hardware and digital systems.  Facilities include a well maintained digital systems laboratory and a microprocessor laboratory, in addition to the microelectronics laboratory and the ECE department and NPS computing facilities. More

Guidance, Control, and Navigation Systems: To be added...

Nano-electronics Systems Engineering: The nano-electronic systems engineering research at NPS advances the state of the art in electronic, micro-electromechanical, and nanotechnology technologies for military applications. The NPS faculty are involved with DoD research agencies and industry in research and development for space, strategic and robust military hardware needs. More

Network Engineering: The Network Engineering option offers advanced education in design, implementation, and analysis of modern communication networks. More

Power Systems: Specific focus on electronic converters and motors as may be found on military vessels was re-established by the ECE Department in 1991 with an initial investment from NAVSEA03 and matching funds from the school. Since 1992, more than seventy students, overwhelmingly US Navy, have graduated from NPS via the completion of a power systems thesis. These graduates are populating billets responsible for Navy decisions and acquisitions concerning the electric warship. Most of the theses efforts required hardware construction as well as simulation validation for completion. More

Sensor Systems Engineering: The Sensor Systems engineering Track provides the educational curriculum and thesis research opportunities in a wide range of sensor systems utilized by Navy, DoD and other national agencies. Faculty also provide sponsored research products which advance knowledge and performance in electromagnetic, electro-optic and acoustic systems. More

Signal Processing: The Signal Processing option provides students an understanding of digital signal processing fundamentals, principles, and applications at the advanced level. More

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