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Advantages of the Program

Custom Options: Sponsoring agencies requiring graduate education in a specific technical area such as communication systems, computer networking, power systems, radar/EW systems, signals intelligence, and others, are invited to explore the design of a specific part-time M.S.E.E. option for their employees.

Minimal Job Interference: Students participate in resident courses at the Naval Postgraduate School through real-time video teleconferencing (VTC). Course attendance requires three to five hours per week, conducted on-site without the need to commute or attend classes after hours.

Quality Learning: The real-time full two-way VTC classroom environment allows students to participate with NPS resident students in questions and discussions of the material and examples being covered. In addition, VTC office hours are scheduled for students to discuss and further clarify course concepts, homework problems and other course related material directly with the professor. Internet connections permit the instructor to view computer-oriented laboratory work of remote students in a window on a local workstation while the instructor interacts with the students themselves through VTC.

Cost Effectiveness: The cost per student to the sponsoring agency is highly competitive with other local university or distance learning options, even while most other programs do not offer the full interaction capability with the instructor. Although special preparation and VTC facilities are needed for the distance learning courses, these same courses are being offered to resident students at NPS. Dual enrollment of courses reduces our marginal costs in providing the distance learning program. This cost reduction is passed onto sponsoring agencies. Agencies can leverage their education and training funds by a factor of at least 5 to 1 through the distance learning program when compared to the cost of sending a student for on- campus study.

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