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General Information to Prospective Students

 Entrance Requirements

The Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department of the Naval Postgraduate School offers MSEE, MSES(EE), EE, and Ph.D. degrees.  General NPS admission requirements are available here.

 General MSEE Degree Requirements - Undergraduate Education Requirements

  • In order to enter the MSEE program and to be eligible to receive the ABET accredited MSEE degree, the student must have received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from an institution accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) or possess the equivalence to this degree by the time they graduate from NPS.

  • Students without an accredited BSEE degree may obtain the equivalent of this degree by using a combination of courses taken at the university level at their undergraduate institution, at NPS, and/or at other local colleges. These courses must qualify for credit at an accredited institution.

  • Accredited BSEE degrees generally require 24 quarter hours of calculus and advanced mathematics, 24 quarter hours of basic sciences which must include both physics and chemistry, 72 quarter hours of engineering science and design of which at least 54 quarter hours must be in electrical engineering,  and 24 quarter hours of studies in the humanities.

  • Specific details regarding the MSEE degree requirements are available here. Non BSEE holders interested in pursuing the MSEE Degree Program may get additional details by contacting the ECE Department Academic Associates.

  • Students without a BSEE Degree need to complement their graduate level program of study to satisfy undergraduate education requirements in order to be eligible for a MSEE degree. That program will be set-up by their Academic Associate upon arrival. Satisfying a BSEE equivalence will result in a program of study with specific undergraduate courses needed to satisfy the the undergraduate education requirements taken in place of some of the graduate electives.

 General MSES(EE) Degree Requirements  [up]

  • The ECE Department offers the non-ABET accredited Master of Sciences in Engineering Sciences with concentration in Electrical Engineering. This degree program does not require the student to have an ABET accredited BSEE Degree or the equivalence to a BSEE Degree, and as a result may be completed in a shorter completion time.

  • Minimum requirements for the MSES(EE) degree are 52 quarter credit hours of graduate level work. Of these 52 quarter credit hours, a minimum of 36 quarter credit hours of graduate level course work must be taken; at least 20 quarter credit hours must be in graded EC graduate courses, and, at a minimum, an additional 12 quarter credit hours in engineering, mathematics, physical science, and/or computer science must be taken; at least 12 quarter credit hours must be in the sequence of advanced courses (4000-4999); at least 16 quarter credit hours of thesis must be taken.

  • Complete details regarding the MSES(EE) Degree are available here.; Prospective students interested in pursuing the MSES(EE) Degree Program may get additional details by contacting the ECE Department Academic Associates

 Immediate Graduate Education Program (IGEP) Program of Study in Electrical Engineering  [up]

NPS has an in-residence, one-year Immediate Graduate Education Program (IGEP). Each year’s program typically begins in July and ends the following June. IGEP graduates earn a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. See specific details  here.

 Electrical Engineer Degree Requirements [up]

Complete details regarding the Electrical Engineer Degree Program are available  here.

 Doctoral Program [up]

Complete details regarding the Doctoral Degree Program are available  here.

 Course Validations [up]

  • Course pre-requisites are designed to insure that students will possess the skills necessary for success in that course.
  • Primary responsibility for ensuring that a student meets the pre-requisites for courses in which they wish to enroll rests with that student, the Program Officer and Academic Associate who must approve the student's program and any changes thereto.

Mathematic Courses Validations [up]

  • Student entering any of the ECE Degree programs are expected to have a solid mathematical foundation. As a result, at minimum, students are expected to demonstrate that they have the knowledge of mathematical concepts covered in the following NPS courses:  MA1113 (Single Variable Calculus I),  MA1114 (Single Variable Calculus with Linear Algebra II),  MA1115 (Multivariable Calculus), and  MA1116 (Vector Calculus). At the discretion of their assigned Academic Associate, incoming students will have the option to validate these courses before or upon arrival, or to take the courses.
  • The decision to approve a requested course validation rests primarily on the professional judgment of the Course Coordinator. Coordinators are likely to approve validation requests when the student has taken essentially the equivalent course, at an accredited institution, within the past five years with a grade of B or better. Coordinators may also approve validation requests in other circumstances when the student has taken essentially the equivalent course, provided that the student's background is sufficiently strong and recent, in the Coordinator's judgment. At the discretion of the Coordinator, a validation exam may be scheduled to occur no later than the final week of classes prior to the quarter for which the student has pre-registered. The validation exam should focus on verifying basic and essential skills in the relevant course.

  • Specific information regarding the validation process of MA1113, MA1114, MA1115, MA1116 is available  here

More Information?

  • For a more extensive description of the ECE Department, the program, and course descriptions and schedule, check back on the ECE Home Page or contact the Academic Associates.

 Academic Associates

  • US Navy/USMC/Coast Guard students
  • Civilian / Army / International students
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California 93943

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