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NPS MSEE Degree Student Outcomes

The “Student Outcomes” of the NPS MSEE program represent the knowledge, skills, and abilities that we expect our graduates to have at the time of completion of their MSEE program. These outcomes are expected to enable our graduates to achieve the “Program Educational Objectives” that support enhancing the national security of the United States (or the students’ home countries)

MSEE Student Outcomes

  1.  Independent Investigation: Students will develop the ability to conduct and report the results of a technically challenging, defense-relevant independent investigation.
  2. EAC of ABET Criterion 3. Student Outcomes: Students will satisfy student outcomes (a) – (k) of the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET’s Engineering Criteria for General Baccalaureate Level Programs in Criterion 3 applied to the demonstration of the mastery of the advanced-level material of the curriculum.

To check whether we are achieving the goals of these Outcomes, we are performing a program of assessment described here.

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