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2008 Technology for Information Operations (TIO) international workshop

May 2008 International workshop offered at NPS April 21 -  May 2008.

In announcing the new unified maritime strategy in October 2007, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughead noted that the strategy “codifies longstanding challenges and reflects a commitment by the maritime services to work cooperatively with friends, partners and allies to realize a shared vision of mutual security, stability and prosperity.”

The Electrical & Computer Engineering Department has been engaged in coalition building for several years through both resident graduate education programs for international officers and specialized technical short courses for partner nations.  One initiative that has been especially successful is the Technology for Information Operations (TIO) international workshop.

The TIO workshop offered April 21 – May 9, 2008 included quantum information systems, principles of operational testing and experimentation of weapon systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and payloads, advanced low probability of intercept radar waveforms, detection signal processing, rail gun technologies, advanced networking constructs and decision making theory. The workshop also included a fieldtrip to ITT Corporation’s Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems plant to participate in a series of technical lectures on electronic intelligence receivers and a tour of the manufacturing facility.

The course was attended by officers from Sweden, Germany, Chili, and Thailand to build on a key element of our maritime strategy which is trust. Trust must be built over time so that our strategic interests and those of our friends, partners and allies are continuously considered while mutual understanding, respect and cooperation are promoted. This is the main goal of the NPS TIO International Workshop.

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