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Award - June 2006

Naval Postgraduate School retired Prof. Fred Levien (left) and Air Force Master Sgt. Claude Latham of the Air Force Association Chapter 333 at Beale AFB stopped by the radar lab after presenting an award to NPS Tuesday to commemorate the school’s contribution to U.S. military history. Electrical and Computer Engineering Chairman Jeff Knorr and Radar Lab Director Paul Buczynski transferred ten SR-71 electronic warfare suites to Air Force and aviation museums across the country. Levien, a former chairman of the electronic warfare and information warfare groups at NPS who helped with the transfer, said: “Along with our teaching we were committed to performing research that was cutting edge and of great assistance to advancing the warfighting skills of the U.S. military. Before I ever arrived at NPS, someone, somewhere, somehow brought into our electrical engineering radar laboratory here at NPS a Top Secret EW suite used to protect the SR-71.” These suites were crucial to defense in the Cold War but are now history, he said, “but it is history worth preserving (and the) systems would have been lost to history had NPS not teamed with the Air Force to accomplish this effort.”

U.S. Navy photo by Javier Chagoya

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