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Why Are We Unique?


  • Cutting-edge:  The defense-related research by our faculty assures that the faculty, the courses they teach and the students who take our programs remain on the cutting edge and aligned to the future. Moreover, our students do more than study in the classroom; they receive hands-on experience with the latest defense technologies and tomorrow’s systems, to include: electric powered ships; nano-technologies; directed energy weapons; electric rail guns; electrical and computer engineering systems that enable future concepts such as net-centric warfare; unmanned underwater, aerial, and land systems; space systems; battle space environments and impacts on war fighting, and many others.

  • Innovative:  Our students not only learn “why” things work, but also why they don’t work, as well as “how” fundamental scientific and engineering principles can be applied to the integration of U.S. military and various defense systems (such as sonar, radar technologies, and others) to enable future war fighting concepts and capabilities.

  • Unique:
    • Jointness:  GSEAS is truly a “joint” school with healthy enrollments from all military Services (Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, and others). No other graduate school in engineering and science offers high quality education enriched and enhanced by a joint learning culture.
    • International Students:  In addition to being “joint,” GSEAS is also enriched by graduate students from countries all over the world. Indeed, U.S. students study alongside international counterparts--from over 50 countries--colleagues with whom they may work in the future. No other graduate school in engineering and science offers high quality education enriched and enhanced by a joint, international learning culture.

  • Forward Looking:  We focus on the future; anticipate, embrace and leverage change; and seek challenge and opportunity to serve national security needs.

  • Military Relevance:  Our reason for being is to serve national security needs, and our track record of success documents our ability to sustain high academic quality and relevance to defense needs.

  • Real World Applicability:  Each program, each course, each area of research – indeed the focus of all we do – is derived from and applicable to the real world. Students can utilize immediately what they learn in class for their current or future jobs…and continue to grow and learn over their lifetimes.

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