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MPTE Program

Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education Research Program

The Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education (MPTE) Research Program was developed to allow faculty and students at NPS to research topics of importance to the Navy’s Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education community. The program is sponsored by the Chief of Naval Personnel (N1) through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the N1 and the president of NPS. Funding is provided to support research activities (including labor, travel, equipment, contracts, grants, and other expenses) related to N1-sponsored research.

The MPTE research program involves, among other things, coordinating research opportunities for NPS faculty, stimulating research projects by selected graduate students, traveling as necessary to support research objectives, and providing reports regarding research progress, results, and accomplishments.

GSBPP faculty and students undertake specific research projects in consultation with N1 representatives. Some examples of faculty research projects include the following:

  • Analysis of Non-Cognitive Instruments for Screening of Navy Applicants,
  • Female Aviation Accessions and Retention,
  • SRB Auction: A Pilot Program,
  • Navy Econometric Modeling System,
  • Alternatives for Improving Recruiter Productivity.

Examples of student research projects are as follows:

  • The Effect of Deployment Frequencies on the Military Divorce Rate,
  • Analysis of SWO Fundamentals Exam Scores,
  • The Effect of Deployment on the Rate of Major Depression and Substance Abuse in Active Duty Military from 2011 to 2006, and
  • Analysis of the Preventive/Corrective Maintenance Ratio for DDG Class Ship.

Thesis Day

Thesis Day was established by the Chief of Naval Personnel (N1) for graduates of the Manpower Systems Analysis (MSA) curriculum at NPS. The Chief of Naval Personnel is the sponsor for the MSA curriculum. Each year, five or six students are selected to present their research in Washington, DC, to the N1 staff and leadership. The students are chosen based on the quality of their thesis work, on the relevance to the manpower and personnel issues facing the Navy, and on their presentation skills. During Thesis Day, the CNP Award for Excellence is presented to the student with the best grade point average and thesis research.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Yu-Chu Shen;

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