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“Our collaboration with DoD sponsors keeps our curriculum relevant and our research cutting edge.”

The collaborative relationship between the GSBPP and DoD sponsors, who will be our student’s employers, has a strong impact on the school’s ability to provide high-quality education and research opportunities. Sponsors work with us to keep our programs current by identifying their needs in terms of curriculum design. Because of this close sponsor relationship, graduates from our programs are well equipped to achieve career success in management or policy positions throughout the defense sector. They have completed a tailored academic program, interacting with faculty involved in sponsor-relevant research, and they have addressed the defense issues they will face in their careers through both the classroom instruction and their own capstone research.

Some of GSBPP’s sponsors include: the U.S. Navy; the United State Marine Corps; the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy; the Office of the Secretary of Defense; the U.S. Navy Office of Budget; and more. Research commissioned from non-naval sponsors include: the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army, the U.S. Army Center for Analysis, the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, and several others. Furthermore, GSBPP partners with universities, government agencies, and non-government agencies to keep its research academically rigorous and operationally relevant to DoD and DoN problems.

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