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STEM Initiatives
The Cebrowski institute serves as the hub for several national and local STEM programs.  These target under-represented groups and provide support and opportunities that lead to inspiring and growing the national science-technology workforce.  We have also worked with students from Harvard, Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, UC Santa Cruz, as well as local public and private high schools, colleges (Hartnell, MPC and CSU Monterey Bay).
 Hartnell Community College  PhDs and Polka Dots

Working with the award winning Hartnell NASA-CIPA and NSF sponsored  programs at Hartnell Community College, the Cebrowski Institute coordinates a robust summer student intern program, matching undergraduate students who excel in STEM (science, technology, electronics and math) disciplines with NPS research faculty. NPS provides graduate research assistant opportunities for students, providing a “kick-start” when the students transfer to a 4-year  university.  The Naval Postgraduate School was presented with the Hartnell President's Partnership of Excellence Award because of our key partnership in these opportunities.  

Undergraduate students work with NPS faculty on non-sensitive/non-classified projects at labs such as the Space Systems Academic Group, Ocean Turbulence Lab, Nanosatellite Advanced Concepts Lab, and the DISE Group.   An example of a project was focused on developing commercial, off-the-shelf wireless communications systems for use in humanitarian assistance/disaster relief scenarios as part of the Cebrowski Institute’s Hastily Formed Networks research area.  Another project culminated in the application of the calibrated units on air-breathing and rocket-based propulstion systems to determine the operating performance of particular systems.  

Several of the NPS interns have earned awards and scholarships as a result of their academic merit and early research experience.  For example, Rodrigo Sanchez  interned last summer with Pooya Sekhavat in the Control and Optimization Labs working on unmanned vehicle motion planning and worked with Mechanical and Astronomical Engineering Department Chair Knox Millsaps the previous summer on improving gas turbine engine cell instrumentation, was  awarded the NASA MUST (Motivating Undergraduates in Science and Technology) award.  In addition to tuition assistance, he is in a paid internship at a NASA Center this summer.  Two previous NPS interns have also won this esteemed award.

A high percentage of these placements go on to Research Assistant positions with a lab at NPS.  Alumni information is currently being tracked to help 


NPS Receives President's Partnership Award from Hartnell College

NPS Provides Local College Students with Valuable Research Experience

NPS Hosts Young Scientists, Engineers for Hands-on Internships


The Cebrowski Institute developed and facilitated a 3-part series of summer gatherings designed to bring together young female undergraduates working cross-campus who are interested in learning more about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines. With opportunities to meet female PhDs doing exciting work at NPS, the goal of the meetings is to expose the next generation of researchers to resources, expertise and wisdom.  

The sessions focus on exploring connections, finding similarities and disspelling misconceptions.  The groups participated in demonstrations of MOVES Institute's Virtual Sand Table and Virtual 3D Human projects with Dr. Amela Sadagic and received an insiders tour of the Network-Centric Systems Engineering Lab with Dr. Deborah Goshorn.  Valuable information about educational opportunities available through such programs as the Science, Mathematics & Reserach for Tranformation and Scholarships for Federal Service was also offered and explored.

Summer 2010 undergraduates came from high schools, community college, and universities.  The award-winning researchers are in Information Sciences,  Operations Research,  Electrical Engineering.and Defense Analysis Departments.

We are looking at ways to expand this program to include exposing local middle and high school female students to opportunitites in the STEM realms.  


Funded by NSF, MBRACE (Monterey Bay Regional Academy of Computing Education) is committed to developing student-centered support services to attract a diverse group of students into computing to serve the growing demand for computing talent in our society.   The program focuses on securing internship opportunities for students studying networking, computer information systems and computer science and information technology attending California State University Monterey Bay, Hartnell College, Monterey Peninsula College and Cabrillo College

 Monterey FEd

Monterey FEd's mission is to reduce the friction of searching for and nourishing local technical talent between federal installations and institutions of higher education on the Monterey Peninsula. Busy executives, administrators, directors, and managers from over a dozen Monterey institutions connect monthly to share strategic resources & insight. 


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