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'Maritime ISR Enterprise Acquisition Review: Findings & Recommendations' with Mary Langston, SGL Presentation

'Reduce Energy = Improve our Security' with CDR Matt McCann

'USS Lincoln Tsunami Rescue and Reconstruction Ops' with CAPT Larry Burt, USN Commander

'Disaster Response and Civil Military Cooperation' with Eric Rasmussen, CEO, InSTEDD

'A National Strategic Narrative' with CAPT Wayne Porter, USN, Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Visit

'How much does DoD really pay for batteries' Student Thesis presentation

Here is a list of the past 5 years of Institute hosted and supported Brown Bags, Events and visitors.  

  • NSF Field Guide Executive Committee Meeting
  • Technology Transition Kick off Meeting with DARPA Adaptive Executive Office Leadership
  • CAPT Danelle Barrett, USN, Asst Chief of Staff, Command & Control, Communications, Computer and Combat Systems, Carrier Strike Group Two
  • "How much does DoD really pay for batteries" Student Thesis
  • "HSCB Project: Semantic Wiki for Complex Operations" with Dr. Alper Caglayan, Senior Scientist, Milcord Waltham (video)
  • CDR James Mills, USS Reagan N6 Post Deployment Brief
  • Stephanie Hamilton, Worldwide Director of Education, AppleWhite House Communications Agency Visit  
  • National Disaster Preparedness Training Center Visit
  • Dr. Linton Wells III, National Defense University Center for Technology Security Policy visit:.  Seminar on Star-Tides and HFN-Haiti
  • Amory Lovins  SGL Presentation, "DoD's Energy Challenge as Strategic Opportunity" Rocky Mountain Institute Visit (video)
  • Energy Round Table Discussion with Dr. Amory Lovins, Cofounder, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute (video)
  • Getting Ideas Adopted Series with Dr. Peter Denning
  • NPS-Hartnell STEM Internship Meet and Greet
  • An example of non-classified Operations Leveraging Cloud Technologies - CAPT Scot Miller, USN (Ret).
  • CI CANES Project Kick off with Mr. Gary Schaeffer,SPAWAR PMW-160 and Dr. Marv Langston  
  • Social Networking:  Does it Have Value for the Warfighter?  with Ryan King and Jeff Benningtony
  • Emerging Technology for Information Professionals On Line Course - with Sue Higgins, Scot Miller and Ivan Labra - Navy Knowledge Online
  • OMEGA:  A Call to Action to Produce the Next Generation of Biofuels Now with 
    Jonathan Trent, NASA  
     Chris Tindal, Navy
     Roy Minson, SAIC
     William Harrison, Air Force  
  • NPS Cyber Summit
  • US Military Energy Strategies Unveiled with:
    Rear Admiral Philip Hart Cullom (Navy) Fleet Readiness Div Navy Staff,
    Michael McGhee (Air Force) Acting Dept Asst Sec/AF,
    Carla Lucchino, (Marines) Assistant Dept Commandant, Installations and Logistics
    Jeffery Orner (Coast Guard) Deputy Asst Commandant/E&I.
    Dr. Kevin Geiss (Army) Installations and Environment
  • MWC's Tactical Cellular Architecture Meeting  
  • Steve Midgley, FCC Visit
  • NPS-Hartnell STEM Internship Program Mentor Meetings
  • October Energy Awareness Month Actitivites   -  Energy Fair flyer 
  • Lisa Augustyn-Castro Visit, OPNAV N2/N6
  • Disruptive Business Technologies Exercise at Camp LeJeune, NC
  • Hastily Formed Networks (HFN) Haiti outbrief for NPS support staff who made the trip possible (video)
  • GIGlite meeting in Huntsville, AL
  • Discussion and Call for Cyber Policy Research Papers with Daniel Devlin, Academic Outreach Coordinator, OSD Defense Policy Analysis Officer (DPAO)
  • VADM Harry Harris, Jr, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Communications Networks 
  • Brian Reily, ONR CIO, Manuel Barragan, ONR CTO and Todd Tapp, EDS/Hewlett Packard visit Cebrowski Institute and NPS
  • Senator Jeff Merkley (D Oregon), Ed Wall (DOE) Kermit Witherbee (BLM) Andrew Sabin (Navy) and Jon Wellinghoff (FERC), Is America Warming Up to Geothermal Energy?   Full details.
  • Rob Carey, Department of Navy, Chief Information Officer
  • Fernando Flores, Chilean Senator - "Leadership and Collaboration in Online Games"
  • Colonel Brendan Kearney, US Marine Corps (Ret) "Meeting the Challenge of Information Sharing Under the Worst Possible Circumstances"
  • Dr. Imre Gyuk, Director of Storage, Department of Energy and Arnie Quinn, DOE Office of Energy Policy and Innovation "The Power of Storage - a 21st Century Energy Revolution
  • Ray Shirkhodai, Exec. Director Pacific Disaster Center "Reducing Disaster Risk through Science, Information and Technology"
  • Chris Gunderson, "A Netcentric Business Model"
  • HFN Center Brian Steckler, Ramsey Meyer, Hartnell interns Tiffany Tachiyaba and Alan Galarza with Foard Copeland, Rosa Akbari and Michelle Shevin participated in RELIEF exercise at Camp Roberts
  • CCMR IDT Seminar Chile, Sue Higgins presented Network Enabled Operations 
  • Sujata Millick, Acting Director of Research for the Office of Naval Research - "Doing Business with Naval Research"
  • Ivan Labra, Crossing the Government Chasm: From Web emergence to government adoption and Twitter in Context
  • Roxanne Zolin and Debra Gibbons, Networking the Military
  • Dan Debroux, Operational Adaptation TD-1 exercise at Camp Lejeune and Distruptive Business Technologies Group
  • Andres Acevedo, Analyst, Port of San Francisco and Support to Port's Director of Homeland Security - "The Port of San Francisco: A Small Port Facing Big Challenges"
  • Andre Billeaudeaux, LT Commander, US Coast Guard - "Citizen's Action Network, A DHS Community of Practice"
  • Michael Helfrich, CTO, CommsFirst "Emerging Interoperability Topics for Disaster Response"
  • Reid Detchon - Exec Director of Energy and Climate, UN Foundation - "The Security Threats that Global Climate Issues Create"
  • Michael McDonald, President, Global Health Initiatives, PI, Disaster Knowledge Management System Resilience Networks - "Resilience Networks to Improve Resilience and Sustainability During Disasters and Current/Emerging Economic Downturn and Global Change"
  • Brandon Hohn, Offshore Construction Engineer, Shell Oil - "Shell Oil's Perspective on Energy and Offshore Technology"
  • "The Power of Storage - a 21st Century Energy Revolution" - Dr. Imre Gyuk, Director of Storage, Department of Energy and Arnie Quinn, DOE Office of Energy Policy and Innovation.
  • NPS Centennial Showcase - As part of the fall Board of Advisors meeting, NPS will be showcasing the extraordinary work of our students and faculty across campus n Washington, D.C.
  • Amory Lovins - Rocky Mountain Institute - Winning The Oil Endgame
  • Sandra Martinez - US Army War College - "Leadership as an Emergent Phenomenon: A Framework for Complexity and Adaptability"
  • CDR Alfred Elkins - USN (Ret) Senior Analyst, Joint Warfare Analysis Center - "The Middle Matters"
  • Mitzi Wertheim, "Changing Behavior to Adapt to the 21st Century: Building Networks for Successful Outcomes"
  • LtCol Aaron (Spud) Aldridge - Operations Officer CDAC PAK (Title while in Pakistan) - "The Pakistan Earthquake Disaster: Using HFN Principles in Real-World HADR"
  • Justin Locke and Ambassador David Lyon (Ret) study of Suva"Climate Change Induced Migration and the Future of the Pacific Region"
  • David Schwaderer - "Warship Evolution: Lessons about Military Innovation"
  • Walter Christman - Chief, Multinational Interoperability Group, SPAWAR/JWFC Support Element, US Joint Forces Command – "Toward a Global Partnership: Security Cooperation in the Information Age"
  • Dr. Peter Walker - Rosenberg Professor of Nutrition and Human Security, Director of the Feinstein International Center - "The History and Future of Global Humanitarian Action"
  • Rui Lopes, Save the Children - " Disaster Response: Information Technology & Collaboration with NGOs"
  • Chris Beeson - Supervisory Special Agency, FBI, Director, Silicon Valley Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory "Law Enforcement Needs in the Digital Age"
  • David Alderson - Asst. Professor, Operations Research Dept, NPS – "Catching the "Network Science" Bug: Insight and Opportunity for the Operations Researcher"
  • CDR Fred van Ettinger - Command and Control Center of Excellence, Royal Netherlands Navy – "NATO Network Enabled Capabilities Assessment of the NATO Response Force"
  • Chris Gunderson, Research Assoc. Professor, NPS – "Service Oriented Acquisition: Faster, Cheaper, Better Delivery of Netcentric Capability"
  • Maksim Tsvetovat - Center for Social Complexity, GMU- Network Models of Organizations
  • Paul Pavlou and Angelika Dimoka - UC Riverside - Leveraging Collaborative IT Tools in HFN
  • Dennis Sandow - Social Networks (quicktime needed to view video)
  • David Kamien - Mind-Alliance Systems - The Information Sharing Needs Analysis Method: Lessons from a DHS Pilot (pdf information flyer)
  • Paul R. Scheele - Learning Strategies Corp.- Rapid Learning and Critical Skills Retention. ((ppt presentation)
  • Roxanne Zolin and Nancy Roberts - "Strong Angel - Swift Trust" Research Project
  • Brian Steckler - Strong Angel III - Post Event Highlights"
  • Larry Burger - Strategic Missile Defense Command (SMDC)Future Warfare Center and Rick Toliver - Teledyne Solutions - "Netcentricity, SOA and All That Jazz ... an Improv GIG!"
  • Phil Hoster - Cisco Systems (website)- IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (pdf)
  • Roxanne Zolin - Swift Trust
  • Joey King - Rice University - Connexions (website) Building Communities and Sharing Knowledge (video)
  • Chris Gunderson - W2COG - ABC's of GIG C2 or ... Hastily Improved Networks MacGyver Style! (pdf)
  • Gurminder Singh - Mobile Alerts and HFNs
  • Rex Buddenberg - Objective Architecture and Strategy for Network Centric (pdf)
  • William Murray - Essential Security Practice for HFNs (ppt)
  • Craig Martell - Local Rules for Global Coordination for Autonomous Agents
  • Matt Vaccaro - Stability, Security, Transition andReconstruction Operations
  • CAPT Larry Burt, USN Commander, Carrier Air Wing Two - USS Lincoln Tsunami Rescue and Reconstruction Ops (12M ppt)
  • Peter Denning - HFN overview (pdf)
  • Brian Steckler - Strong Angel III (website)
  • Frank Barrett - Improvisation in Jazz and HFNs (pdf)
  • Rick Hayes-Roth - What are the bits doing in HFNs? (pdf)
  • Chip Pickett - Northrop Grumman - Innovation in Military Capabilities (ppt)
  • Tom Housel and Paul Pavlou - USC - Collaborative Technologies
  • Miguel Tirado - CSUMB, Dept of Health and Human Services - Use of Social Network Analysis to Guide the Deployment of Wireless Communications for a Disaster

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