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Mechanical & Astronautical Engineering - Distinguished Faculty & Alumni
CDR Michael S. Feyedelem, USN

CAPT Michael S. Feyedelem, USN
Commanding Officer
NPS Class of 1993
Mechanical Engineering

"Several years ago when I was a Division Officer, contemplating career options, I considered attending the Naval Postgraduate School. Although I had several options, for shore assignments, universities to attend, and areas of studies, I chose to pursue a Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree at NPS. This was one of the best careers desions I, or anybody, could have made. The faculty were experts in their fields, many world renowned, and I'd put my education up against any other university in the country - I even have a published article in a technical journal to show for it. The analytical thinking and writing skills that I learned have carried me through a successful career all the way to command.  If you're thinking about getting a degree, there's no better place to do it than the Naval Postgraduate School.

Recently more Line Officers are pursuing degrees in non-technical areas, such as financial management and foreign affairs and I'm afraid we might lose sight of the fact that the machinery of our service is highly advanced and requires great technical expertise to operate and maintain.  Although some feel that programs like Mechanical Engineering should be reserved for the Engineering Duty Officers, I would argue that Line Officers benefit tremendously from a technical degree.  The years I spent at Naval Postgraduate School, learning from world renown faculty, better prepared me for each of my sea-going assignments, including my current one as Commanding Officer of USS PORTER (DDG 78)."