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Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering - The People
Department Faculty

Click on any faculty member's name to view more information, including a short bio and Vita links.

Garth V. Hobson
Professor & Chairman

Christopher A. Adams

Brij N. Agrawal
Distinguished Professor, Director Of SRDC, Director Adaptive Optics Center Of Excellence For National Security

Terry Alfriend
Visiting Professor (IPA)

Robert Ball
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Oscar Biblarz
Professor Emeritus

Christopher M. Brophy
Associate Professor

Charles Calvano
Professor Emeritus

Muguru S. Chandrasekhara
Research Professor

Jarema (Jake) M. Didoszak
Research Assistant Professor

Vladimir N. Dobrokhodov
Research Associate Professor

Morris R. Driels

Noel DuToit
Research Associate Professor

Stephen N. Frick
Visiting Professor - NASA

Anthony J. Gannon
Research Associate Professor

Joshua H. Gordis
Associate Professor & Academic Associate (570, 571, 572)

Anthony J. Healey
Distinguished Emeritus Professor

Douglas P. Horner
Research Assistant Professor

Kevin D. Jones
Research Associate Professor

Isaac I. Kaminer

Mark Karpenko
Research Assistant Professor

Matthew D. Kelleher
Professor Emeritus

Jae Jun Kim
Research Associate Professor

Young W. Kwon
Distinguished Professor

John R. Lloyd
Research Professor

Claudia C. Luhrs
Associate Professor & Associate Chair

Terry R. McNelley
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Sarath K. Menon
Research Professor

Knox T. Millsaps

Maximilian F. Platzer
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Jennifer L. Rhatigan
Visiting Professor

Marcello Romano
Associate Professor

Isaac Mike Ross

Turgut Sarpkaya
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Sanjeev B. Sathe
Research Associate Professor

Douglas L. Seivwright
Research Associate

Young S. Shin
Distinguished Emeritus Professor

Raymond P. Shreeve
Professor Emeritus

Edward Bob Wood
Professor Emeritus

Oleg A. Yakimenko
Professor (joint appointment with SE)

Matthew Kelleher Matthew D. Kelleher,
Professor Emeritus

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Academic Interests:
Related Experience (Teaching, Industrial, etc.): Assistant Professor (1965-66) University of Notre DameFord Foundation Fellow Dartmouth College (1966-67); Associate Scientist, AVCO Everett Research Laboratory (Summer 1967) NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellow, NASA Ames RC and Stanford University; Tech Rep for OTEC Power Systems Design (Three Contractors: TRW, Lockheed and Westinghouse), Advisor on Power Systems National Science Foundation Review Panel for the Cooperative USA-USSR Research Program in Heat and Mass Transfer (1980)Visiting Professor, University of Notre Dame (1987)Senior Academic Visitor, University of Oxford (1988-89)

Honors and Awards: 2001 Naval Postgraduate School Award for Outstanding Instructional Performance ASME Distinguished Service Award (1998); Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Member of the American Society for Engineering Education Member Sigma XiMember Pi Tau Sigma
Department Staff

Andrew Chaves, Research Assistant

Marco Ciarcia, NRC Research Associate

David Dausen, Research Associate

John Gibson, Engineering Technician

Alessio Grompone, ResearchAssistant

Patricia Jackson, MAE Spon Prog Financial Analyst

Albert Jordan, Research Associate/Facilities Manager

Youn Sik Kang, Research Associate

Sean Kragelund, Research Associate

Michael Krol, Contractor - Senior Office Administrator

Kathrin (Katy) Love, Office Automation Assistant/Official DTS Administrator

Theodore Masek, Research Associate

John Mobley, Model Maker

Aurelio Monarrez, Electronics Technician

Chanman Park, Materials Engineer

Robert Wright, Research Associate










Program Personnel

CDR Michael Porter
Program Officer (311/570/571/572)

Sandra Stephens
Education Technician

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