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Student Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What is the application process?
    Complete and submit an online application. Request official sealed transcripts from all schools attended (degree/non-degree). Transcripts should be mailed directly to NPS from the school(s) attended.
  •  How long does the application review process take and who can I contact about the status of my application package?
    Processing time depends upon receipt of all required documents. Once the evaluation process is complete, notification of results will be sent by email. For further questions contact
  •  Are there any prerequisites or eligibility requirements for enrollment?
    Please check each program's webpage since they may vary.
  •  Are contractors allowed to take NPS programs?
    NPS accepts a limited number of employees of corporations that are contractors for the Department of Defense (DoD) in programs related to systems engineering and defense product development. A complete list can be found in the NPS Academic Catalog under Master’s Program Admissions. (Scroll down to Civilian Employees of DoD Contractors.
  •  What are the time requirements for distance learning (DL) programs?
    A typical DL Certificate Program takes one academic year to complete: One class a quarter for four quarters. Degree Programs generally take two academic years to complete, offering two classes per quarter. These are full graduate level courses, very robust, time intensive (12-15 hours per week), and require completed assignments.
  •  Will I incur a service obligation if I am accepted into a Navy-funded degree or certificate program?
    Yes, you will incur a service obligation by participating in a Navy-funded degree program whether in-residence or through distance learning (unless otherwise specified). Per OPNAVINST 1520.23C, a Navy officer will incur a 3 year service obligation upon completion or withdrawal from a degree program or a 1 year service obligation upon completion or withdrawal from a certificate program. Non-Navy and other commands/organizations may adopt their own obligation. It is the responsibility of the applicant to be fully aware of such obligations prior to starting the application process.
  •  What are the program costs?
    Costs vary from program to program. Specific costs may be found on individual program pages. You can also refer to the Distance Learning Funding and Tuition page for general information and contacts.
  •  My chosen program requires funding from my command, what forms do I use?
    Funds can be transferred to NPS using SF-182 with your command's LOA and billing address; MIPR, DD-448; or NAVCOMPT 2276-A upon acceptance into a program that requires command funding.
  •  Can I pay for the course or program out of my own pocket or use Tuition Assistance?
    Sorry, no. NPS is not authorized to accept funds from individuals nor can you use tuition assistance to pay for NPS courses or programs.
  •  How are Asynchronous classes taken?
    NPS Asynchronous classes are taken without any classroom attendance necessary. The web-based courses are paced week-to-week but students have great flexibility to do coursework at times of their choosing during each week. Courses are faculty led and allow interaction between instructor and other students. Courses are delivered through the Sakai Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE).
  •  How are Synchronous classes delivered?
    Students and instructors can interact in real time using Collaborate or Video Teleconferencing (VTC). These tools allow everyone in a class to talk, see and interact with each other similar to how they would if they were sitting in the same room.
  •  How are laboratories conducted?
    The means of conducting the laboratories will vary from course to course. It may include one or more of the following:
    • real-time exercises via an internet connection to a NPS lab facility,
    • software simulations where the software is on campus and the students connect via the internet,
    • software simulations using educational versions that are downloadable by the student,
    • NPS faculty or staff travel to a remote site with portable equipment to conduct the lab,
    • local experts from the sponsoring organization conduct labs using locally available equipment, or
    • students travel to NPS to attend labs.
  •  Why can't I see my grades in Python?
    Usually, students who cannot see their grades in Python have either failed to complete a Student Opinion Form (SOF), are waiting for our contractor to upload them into Python (may take up to 2-3 weeks), or the instructor has not submitted their grades to the Registrar. Contact the Registrar's Office if you have further questions.
  •  Where can I fill out a late Student Opinion Form (SOF)?
    Late SOFs (xls) are available for both Resident and DL students. Please complete and return to the Registrar by email.
  •  How can I obtain a copy of my NPS transcript?
    You may obtain a copy of your NPS transcript from the Registrar's office by following the instructions found here. Students can access and print unofficial transcripts from the Matrix tab in Python.
  •  Do you accept requests for transcripts over the phone?
    At this time, NPS is unable to accept requests for transcripts over the phone.
  •  When are diplomas and/or certificates mailed?
    Diplomas and/or certificates are mailed three months from graduation or completion of the certificate. An official copy of the transcript is also sent to the graduate.
  •  Will I receive a DAU equivalency certificate?
    NPS only issues DAU equivalency certificates to a few specific programs. DACMS requires transcripts to verify equivalencies. You can find NPS DAU Equivalent Courses listed on the DAU site Please visit the following website to learn how you can manage your earned credits towards DAU certificates. Check out the individual program pages for specifics.

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