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Distributed Programs Offices

Distributed Programs Offices

Distributed Programs supports efforts required to bring the intellectual capital of NPS to the Department of the Navy (DoN), Department of Defense (DoD) and selected international commands and organizations to enhance the combat effectiveness of US and Allied forces. Directors serve as area representatives of NPS in Fleet Concentration Areas and work to position NPS as the primary resource within DoD for graduate education Distance Learning (DL) and off campus research agreements.

DL Program Offices and Contact Info

East Coast

Naval Postgraduate School
7800 Hampton Boulevard
Building SC-124
Norfolk, VA 23511

Phone: 757-444-3910
Fax: 757-444-2652
DSN Prefix: 564
E-mail Norfolk Office

National Capital Region (Washington, D.C)
Phone: 571-858-3250
E-mail National Capital Region Office

West Coast

Naval Postgraduate School
3975 Norman Scott Road
Building 3280, C-Wing
San Diego, CA 92136

Phone: 619-556-3282  
Fax: 619-556-3732
DSN Prefix: 526
E-mail San Diego Office

2000 Thresher Ave
Rm G101
Silverdale, WA 98315
Phone: 360-315-2576
DSN Prefix: 322
E-mail PACNORWEST Office

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