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SEM-PD21 DL Degree


Joint Executive Systems Engineering Management (SEM-PD21) Masters Degree Program

Graduate School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (GSEAS)

Program Length: 2 Years

Starts: Fall

Curriculum #721

 Program Overview

The SEM-PD21 program is a groundbreaking interdisciplinary leadership program designed for senior engineering and technical professionals. By integrating engineering and management elements, the program strives to develop a new kind of leader with a holistic perspective and knowledge of the total life-cycle acquisition system. Students acquire the fundamental skills and strategic perspective required of effective change agents as well as an enhanced ability to recognize barriers to success early in a system's development cycle when corrective actions are least costly. The SEM-PD21 program is the educational foundation needed by technical leaders to drive systems engineering innovations and help achieve acquisition excellence.

Students in the joint executive SEM-PD21 program will be exposed to the latest state of the art concepts, tools and best practices, both private and public, in systems engineering and management. They will learn from experienced faculty, who have worked in the defense industry and completed defense relevant research and/or consulting. One of the key value propositions of the program is collaboration not only jointly within defense and across the services, but also with defense industry partners. Imagine the possibilities when future leaders participate and collaborate in non-threatening educational environments, studying and analyzing how to improve the way defense does business!

The following distance learning delivery method(s) may be used for this program:

 Program Announcements


Lt. Cmdr. Victor Glover, an F/A-18 combat pilot currently serving as a Legislative Fellow in the office of Senator John McCain, was selected from more than 6,100 applicants to begin training at Johnson Space Center in August for potential space flight. Glover graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School in 2009 through the Master’s of Systems Engineering Management – Product Development 21st Century (SEM-PD21) program, in addition to receiving a space systems academic certificate in 2005, both via distance learning.

Read the full story here.


Joint Executive Systems Engineering Management (SEM-PD21)

The Naval Postgraduate School Department of Systems Engineering is pleased to announce this year’s offering of the Joint Executive Systems Engineering Management (SEM) distance learning (DL) program offered in partnership with MIT’s “Educational Consortium for Leadership in Product Development in the 21st Century” (PD21). Deadline for application is 15 June 2015.

Read the full 721-161_Announcement (zip) here.


NPS and the PD21 consortium believe that this joint engineering & management program offers the best unified curriculum available in systems engineering and end-to-end product development, leadership education. It ideally aligns with defense leadership vision for transformation and acquisition excellence. Students who successfully complete this program will receive:

  • Degree: Master of Science in Systems Engineering Management or Master of Science in Product Development.
  • PD21 Certificate: Certificate of Recognition from MIT.
  • DAU Equivalencies: Defense Acquisition University (DAU) ACQ101, ACQ201, PMT251, PMT257, SYS101, SYS202, SYS203 and SYS302 level III training for the Engineering (ENG) career field.

Students have great flexibility in designing an elective structure from 5 current elective tracks, which, together with the 10 core courses, will earn the students additional certifications in:

  • Advanced Systems Engineering Track
  • Human Systems Integration Certificate
  • Network Operations & Technology-Operations Certificate
  • Space Systems Certificate
  • System of Systems Track
  • Knowledge Superiority Certificate
  • Systems Analysis Certificate
  • Systems Acquisition Track (DAU PMT352 equivalent)

Kickoff in Monterey: 15 - 26 September 2014
(Separate Agenda provided for 2 week kickoff at NPS.)
Course introductions, meet faculty & graduating students, Silicon Valley trip, attend thesis briefings and graduation

QTR 1- Fall AY15: 29 Sep - 19 Dec 2014

  • SE3108 (3-2) - Leadership in Product Development
  • MN3117 (4-0) - Organizational Processes
  • SE3810 (0-2) - Systems Engineering Seminar

QTR 2- Winter AY15: 5 Jan - 27 Mar 2015

  • SI4021 (3-2) - Systems Engineering for Product Development
  • MN3145 (4-0) - Marketing Management
  • SE3810 (0-2) - Systems Engineering Seminar

QTR 3- Spring AY15:  30 Mar - 19 Jun 2015

  • SI4022 (4-0) - Systems Architecture
  • SE4353 (3-2) - Engineering Risk Benefit Analysis
  • SE3810 (0-2) - Systems Engineering Seminar

One-week Industry visit at end of quarter

QTR 4- Summer AY15: 6 Jul - 25 Sep 2015

  • MN3156 (3-0) - Finance and Managerial Accounting
  • MN3392 (4-0) - Systems & Project Management
  • SE3810 (0-2) - Systems Engineering Seminar

QTR 5- Fall AY16: 28 Sep - 18 Dec 2015

  • OS3211 (4-0) - Systems Optimization
  • Elective Course- see tracks below 
  • SE3810 (0-2) - Systems Engineering Seminar

QTR 6- Winter AY16: 4 Jan - 25 Mar 2016

  • MN4379 (4-0) - Operations Management
  • Elective Course- see tracks below 
  • SE3810 (0-2) - Systems Engineering Seminar

QTR 7- Spring AY16:  28 Mar - 17 Jun 2016

  • SE0811 (0-8) - Thesis Research
  • Elective Course- see tracks below 
  • SE3810 (0-2) - Systems Engineering Seminar

One-week Industry visit at end of quarter

QTR 8- Summer AY16: 5 July - 23 Sep 2016

  • SE0811 (0-8) - Thesis Research
  • Elective Course- see tracks below 
  • SE3810 (0-2) - Systems Engineering Seminar

Graduation Week at NPS

Course Electives (tracks and course sequences may change.)

Advanced Systems Engineering Track (Certificate in Systems Engineering & Integration)

  • SE3302 (3-2) - System Suitability
  • SE3303 (3-2) - System Assessment
  • SE3250 (3-2) - Capability Engineering
  • SE4003 (4-0) - Systems Software Engineering

Human Systems Integration Certificate (262)

  • OA3411 - Introduction to Human Systems Integration
  • OA3412 - Human Systems Integration in the Acq Lifecycle
  • OA3413 - Human Systems Integration Tools, Tradeoffs, and Processes
  • OA4414 - Human Systems Integration Case Studies and Applications

Network Operations & Technology- Operations (271)

  • CC3000 (4-0) – Intro to Command, Control, Communication, Computer and Intel Systems
  • IO3100 (4-0) – Introduction to Information Operations
  • IS3502 (3-2) – Computer Networks
  • SS3011 (3-0) – Space Technology and Applications

Space Systems Online Certificate (273)

  • SS3011 (3-0) - Space Technology and Applications
  • SS3613 (3-1) - Military Satellite Communications
  • PH3502 (3-1) - Physics of Space and Airborne Sensor Systems
  • PH2514 (4-0) - Introduction to Space Environment

System of Systems Track (Certificate in System of Systems) 

  • SE4950 (4-0) - System of Systems Engineering
  • SE4980 (4-0) - Enterprise Systems Engineering
  • SE4930 (3-2) - Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • SE4003 (3-2) - Systems Software Engineering

Knowledge Superiority Certificate (277)

  • IS3210 (4-0) - Issues in Defense Knowledge & Information Management
  • IS4210 (3-0) - Knowledge Superiority
  • CC3000 (4-0) - Introduction to Command and Control
  • IO3100 (4-0) - Introduction to Information Operations

Systems Analysis (281)

  • OS2080 (3-0) - Probability and Statistics I
  • OS3380 (3-1) - Combat Systems Simulation
  • OS3680 (4-0) - Naval Tactical Analysis
  • OS4680 (4-0) - Naval Systems Analysis

Systems Acquisition Elective Track (Equivalent with DAU PMT352) 
All 7 courses required for equivalency. Prof. Owen coordinates scheduling based on course availability. 

  • MN3303 (4-0) - Contracting or equivalent
  • MN4307 (4-0) - PM Policy & Control or equivalent
  • MN3155 (2-0) - Financial Mgmt for Acq Mgrs
  • MN4602 (2-0) - Test & Evaluation
  • MN3361 (2-0) - Information Technology & Software Acquisition
  • MN3363 (2-0) - Manufacturing and Quality Mgmt
  • MN3365 (2-0) - Acquisition Logistics Mgmt & Program Sustainment

 Eligibility and Prerequisites

The following are eligible for this program:

  • US Military Officers*
  • Defense contractors with a GS11 equivalency
  • US Government Civilians with a grade GS11 or above
  • International Students**

*Per OPNAVINST 1520.23C, a Navy officer will incur a 3 year service obligation upon completion or withdrawal from the Master of Joint Executive Systems Engineering Management (SEM-PD21) Masters Degree Program.

**International Students: Ensure that you read and understand the eligibility requirements and application process.


  • Baccalaureate Degree (BA or BS)
  • GPA of 2.6 or better
  • At least five years experience directly related to systems development, engineering, acquisition, operations or support. (Requirement reduced to three years for applicants who hold a master's degree.)


Tuition for this program is based on the 721-161 Tuition Letter Joint SEM-PD21 Sept 2014-2016 PDF document.

Please refer to the tuition page regarding general information on tuition for DL programs. You may also contact the tuition-collection POC for this program directly:

 Contact Information

For additional information specific to the program, please email the Program Director at

For general questions about CED3 supported programs, please email the CED3 Student Coordinator at

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