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The Naval Postgraduate School has launched a new distance learning (DL) certificate program in Human Systems Integration (HSI) open to all federal government personnel – U.S. civilians, Department of Defense contractors, and officer and enlisted military – as well as international students. Read more...


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The Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Educational Design, Development, and Distribution (CED3) aspires to become the nation's leading center for educational design, development, and distribution of graduate level educational products and is committed to ongoing excellence in its services.

will use its expertise in instructional design, media development/production, marketing/communications, student services and administrative services to support resident and non-resident instructional programs. Through collaboration with NPS schools, departments, and faculty, CED3 will help NPS use new and existing technologies to extend our graduate level education to the total force.

The Center for Educational Design, Development, and Distribution is organized into five operational teams that support its two functional areas – Course Development and Course Delivery.  These five operational teams are:

  • Instructional DesignOur Instructional Designers are specialists possessing postgraduate education and practical experience in the application of learning theories, delivery techniques and current technologies for distributed course development.
  • Media Development – Our expert technologists consistently build clear, high quality presentations of instructional content.
  • Marketing and CommunicationsCED3 Communications maintains tremendous working relationships with our programs, effectively promoting each to its furthest reach.
  • Student Support Services Our Student Support team works with the Registrar’s office, the Dean of Students office, and with program managers to ensure DL students have experience and support that are on par with resident students.
  • Administrative Services  Our Administrative staff’s level of service and expertise is unmatched across campus.

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