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The IO Center for Research

The Information Operations Center for Research exists to:

  • advance the goal of information operations as a core military competency
  • support the DOD commitment to transform our military capabilities
  • provide avenues for research for information operations, asymmetrical warfare, The Global War on Terrorism and unconventional thought

The curriculum is designed for both the specialist who will be assigned to an information operations position and the generalist who will be assigned to the operations directorate. The curriculum includes a core of military art and operations, the human dimension of warfare (psycho-social), analytical methods, and atypical sequence customized for each student.  Additionally, each student will have an elective sequence designed to further develop an in-depth understanding of joint information operations.

Core Areas of Graduate Program

  • Military Art and Operations
  • Emerging Security Challenges
  • Information Operations
  • Analytical Methods and Applications
  • Information Systems
  • Intelligence Processing and Applications
  • Thesis

The War of Ideas and the Idea of War

The good information strategist must be the master of a whole host of skills: understanding the kind of knowledge that needs to be created; managing and properly distributing one's own information flows while disrupting the enemy's; crafting persuasive messages that shore up the will of one's own people and allies while demoralizing one's opponents; and, of course, defeating the enemy at the right time, in the right way.

—John Arquilla

CE 2012

Cyber Endeavour 2012
Operations in Cloud and
Cellular Networks

26-28 June 2012, NPS

The IO Center for Research (Naval Postgraduate School) and the Army Reserve Information Operations Command (ARIOC) present Cyber Endeavour 2012. Cyber Endeavour 2012 provides an interactive, working level environment for leaders and operators to collectively discuss the most critical Cyber challenges and problems facing our nation and armed services and to identify potential solutions.

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about CE 2011

Click here for the Cyber Endeavor site

Lessons From the American Revolution for Today's War-Fighters:
John Arquilla discusses his new book “Insurgents, Raiders, and Bandits: How Masters of Irregular Warfare Have Shaped Our World

Dr. John Arquilla named #70 of the Foreign Policy Magazine Top 100 Global Thinkers for 2010

Northern Light Productions truth + consequences will be doing an independent feature length documentary for television exhibition about cyber terrorism, cyber crime, and cyber war.
Its principal focus is the vulnerability of the electrical grid system. By looking at this potential crisis, we will be able to examine the peculiar issues that inform reactions to cyber events.  
They intend to tell the story of Stuxnet, F-35, Estonia/Russia attack, Alberto Gonzales among others as ways to help illustrate the reality of a changed world and the problems we face in the future.

Afghan Theatre Conference Aims to Impact Strategies in the Field