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The Information Dominance Center for Excellence (IDCFE) promotes education and professional development for the U.S. Navy Information Dominance Corps (IDC).  The IDCFE assists with Navy IDC education requirements and coordinates research efforts,  assisting NPS students and faculty to engage with other Navy, Joint, and Department of Defense (DoD) commands and organizations on topics and challenges relating to Information Dominance Warfare and Decision Superiority.    

Formerly the Information Professional Center of Excellence (IPCOE), the IDCFE expanded in 2010 to cover all Information Domimance communities.   IDCFE supports the generation of NPS IDC graduates who leave campus with the right skills to satisfy DoD mission requirements, with education in information, intelligence, human-derived information, cyber operations and networks, space, and oceanographic disciplines.  

IDCFE will   

* Advocate the goals of the Navy Strategy for Achieving Information Dominance - with Information Dominance defined as the operational advantage gained from fully integrating the Navy's information functions, capabilities and resources to optimize decision making and maximize warfighting effects.   The strategy focuses on three fundamental capabilities:  Assured Command and Control, Battlespace Awareness, and Integrated Fires.

* Champion adaptive education for the IDC, focused on operational Fleet needs, with appreciation of the past, mastery of the present and anticipation of the future.

* Advocate standardization, organization and management of IDC resources - people, equipment, and information.

* Focus academic and research energy on priority issues of concern, and also influence the evolution of existing technologies and acquisition of new technologies used for Information Dominance.  Examples of ongoing emphasis are Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare, Big Data Science, Cloud Computing, and Software Defined Networking.   

* Oversee Information Dominance Warfare Qualification (officer and enlisted) on the NPS campus, and collaborate with other IDC centers for holistic Navy-wide Information Dominance education, training, and qualification planning activities.

* Bring in top-quality guest speakers from the military, government, academia and industry, and organize professional interactions with organizations having Information Dominance-related missions, to broaden IDC students' perspective,  understanding, and innovative thinking.






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