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Following information addresses logistics considerations and operating procedures for DRMI Mobile International Defense Management Course (MIDMC). If any of these considerations cannot be satisfied, please notify DRMI immediately. Overall effectiveness and value of course are closely tied to the following items.

General Course Details:

  • Class size: preferred 25-40, other sizes can be negociated.
  • Schedule: 5,6, or 7 45-minute periods per day plus lunch; start time TBD
  • Participants: divided into discussion groups, approx. 8-10 per group, one faculty member per group, each group containing a similar mix of participants, i.e. rank, service, English language capability etc. Groups should be determined before team arrives. Will need list of name, rank, and service of participants.
  • Former graduates of DRMI resident courses represent resource for providing assistance during course

Classrooms and Equipment: (diagrams available below)

  • Lecture room: one, with enough seats and tables for the entire class plus faculty and visitors, contains overhead projector, computer projector (if possible) and screen and at least three power outlets. Must also contains chalkboard or wetboard that can be used simultaneously with screen, can be used as discussion room if absolutely necessary.
  • Discussion rooms: one for each group (determined by class size -- usually 3 or 4), enough seats and tables for approx. 10 participants plus faculty member, contains chalkboard or wetboard and one electric outlet. The rooms should be located close to lecture room.
  • Reproduction: need limited reproduction capability during course.

Preferred Facilities Diagram

Minimum Facilities Diagram

Course Materials:

  • DRMI will mail books and other course materials prior to start of course. All materials should be moved to the teaching site prior to the arrival of team. They will be distributed by team on first day of class.
  • Team requires access to teaching site on weekend prior to start of course.

Language: Course will be taught in English. Desire simultaneous interpretation in lecture and consecutive interpretation in discussion. English speaking participants should be balanced among discussion groups. Critical course materials will be in host country language. Faculty desire meeting with interpreters on weekend prior to start of course. Quality of course is directly tied to quality of interpreters/translators.

Participants: Military and civilian leaders selected by host country. Opportunity for host country to invite civilians who play a role in defense planning process. English language capability is real plus. Should attend course because of need for resources management education not language skills.

Accommodations: Faculty will stay at local first class hotel or host government equivalent. Desire assistance from local SAO to make reservations at embassy rate.

Hotel should provide/contain:

  • single room with private bath, adequate lighting and furniture for night work, and adequate heating/cooling as dictated by local conditions.
  • easy access to local restaurants and sites of interest.
  • easy access to local transportation
  • some English-speaking staff and telephone with overseas capability

Transportation/Travel: Team requires transportation to/from teaching site daily. Desire assistance on arrival in passing through customs if deemed necessary. Team will travel on tourist passports whenever possible. If rental car recommended, please advise.

Communications: Timely communications between DRMI and SAO critical to success of course. Will use e-mail as primary means of communication with FAX, telephone, letter and message as backup.

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