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Welcome to the Naval Postgraduate School
Center on Terrorism and Irregular Warfare

Established in 1998, The Center on Terrorism and Irregular Warfare produces timely, innovative, interdisciplinary analysis relevant to policy and operations. In studying terrorism and irregular warfare, the Center focuses the research capabilities of its staff and the Naval Postgraduate School on an area of critical importance to the national security of the United States.

The Center's researchers study domestic and international terrorism and other forms of irregular warfare, whether waged by sub-state groups against established governments or by states against each other. In studying this asymmetric conflict, the researchers emphasize the effect on this conflict of the information and communication revolutions. As part of this effort, and in keeping with the strengths of the Naval Postgraduate School, the Center's work pays particular attention to emerging threats to the national infrastructure. Center staff also work to develop new, formal methods for evaluating and simulating the decision processes, actions, and life cycles of sub-state groups and their interactions with governments. Finally, the Center places special emphasis on analysis of Special Operations and support of the Special Operations community.

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