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Educating Deploying Naval Forces about Regional Security Challenges

By making senior leaders more aware of the strategic environments in which they will operate, RSEP contributes to better-informed decision making at the operational and tactical levels, enhancing readiness and mission accomplishment. RSEP faculty teams board deploying naval vessels to provide education and and training on the potential challenges Navy personnel may encounter. RSEP faculty use an interdisciplinary approach emphasizing the history, politics economics, cultural nuances and security challenges that will impact military forces operating in the region. 

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) developed RSEP as an outreach program to better prepare Naval Forces for overseas operations by providing education about the regions in which they will operate. United States Fleet Forces Command has endorsed RSEP as an exceptional method for deploying units to receive regional education. 


Daily, the young men and women who wear this uniform are working with international navies to further our global maritime partnerships that will address the important regional security challenges that are going to continue to evolve in coming years.

Admiral Gary Roughead
Chief of Naval Operations

RSEP Leadership Team

RADM Stephen R. Loeffler, USN (Ret)

Director, Planning and Content
Dr. Wade Huntley

Program Manager
CAPT Bernard Wang, USN

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