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Educational Plans

The Educational Plan (EP) will be the document by which we verify your course enrollments against our university invoices. After the completion of each term you have two options by which to submit your grades. You can (a) populate your EP with the grades and resubmit to the office, or (b) you can submit an official grade report from the university.

After completion by the student and signature of the academic advisor, this form should be routed to the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for your community. If you are unsure of your SME please contact our office.

Until we receive your completed and approved EP we cannot pay for your tuition. You may be liable for the payment, and any claims for reimbursement may be deferred. If your EP is unable to be completely forecasted out, you will need to submit a revised EP once courses have been identified.

Educational Plan and Subject Matter Expert (SME) (pdf)