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Operational Law
1203 Subspecialty
887/883 Curriculum

#887/883 Operational Law, 1203P

Approved Schools

Columbia University University of Miami
Georgetown University University of San Diego
George Washington University University of Virginia
Harvard University  

Educational Skills Requirements (ESRs)

1. The officer must understand the fundamental concepts and be familiar with the basic functional areas of international law/ocean law within the Department of the Navy (DON) and the Department of Defense (DOD), specifically with respect to:

a. Law of the Sea

c. International Agreements

d. Law of Armed Conflict

e. Comparative Law

2. Further specialization in national security/intelligence law is permissible within the 1203 subspecialty. Officers selected for this track must understand and be familiar with the following areas:

a. National Security Law

b. Information Operations

c. Intelligence Law

d. Cyberspace Law

3. The officer must be able to interpret and apply customary international law, state practice, treaties and international agreements, court decisions and legislation as they impact on existing and proposed DON/DOD operations, programs and policies.