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Environmental Law
1207 Subspecialty
880 Curriculum

#880 Environmental Law, 1207P

Approved Schools

Georgetown University University of San Diego
Lewis and Clark College University of Virginia
University of California, Berkeley  

Educational Skills Requirements (ESRs)

1. The officer must understand the fundamental concepts and be familiar with the basic functional areas:

a. Environmental Planning (National Environmental Policy Act and Coastal Zone Management Act)

b. Natural Resource Protection Laws (Marine Mammal Protection Act and Endangered Species Act)

c. Clean Air and Clean Water Acts


e. Pollution Abatement and environmental compliance

f. Administrative Law and Environmental Litigation

2. Officers may further specialize within environmental law in one of the following areas:

a. International law as it applies to international law, treaties and international agreements, how they are formulated, enforced, and applied to military testing, training and operations.

b. Energy law as it relates to development of renewable energy sources Navy may utilize in the operational and shore infrastructure contexts as well as how energy development may impact naval testing, training, operations and naval instillations.