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NPS offers admittance to civilians who are U.S. Citizens through several programs.  These programs fall into three categories:

  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Employees of DoD Contractors
  • Federal Employees

Civilians are NOT eligible to apply for and pay tuition to NPS outside of these programs.  

Civilian Employees of DoD Contractors

NPS accepts a limited number of employees of corporations that are contractors for the Department of Defense (DoD) in programs related to systems engineering and defense product development.

Contractor Application Process:

  1. Submittal of a completed online application form.
  2. Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended.
  3. Letter from employer stating its willingness to pay tuition for the program and supply salary and benefits during applicant’s time at NPS, if a resident program.

Supporting documentation should be mailed to the Admissions Office.   If you have questions about available programs or admission procedures please contact us.  

Federal Civilian Employees

A civilian who is an employee of, or sponsored by, an agency of the United States Federal Government may be admitted for study upon request and sponsorship of the agency.

Federal civilian employees need to apply online, with the goal of receiving a conditional acceptance letter.  Applicants expecting agency sponsorship should apply at least six months prior to expected commencement of studies.  A completed application should indicate the desired curriculum, degree intentions, and be accompanied by a complete set of official transcripts of all previous college work to date (degree and non-degree).  GRE and scores are required for consideration for admission to any doctoral program.

The individual's employing agency is expected to meet the tuition expense for regular on-campus enrollment.

Civil or Municipal Employees

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security offers unique programs for Civil or Municipal employees.  
To obtain more information about their programs, please click here

Those interested in programs offered by the Center for Homeland Defense and Security, need to contact the Center for further information.

Contact information can be found here.

Military and Civilian Staff of NPS

NPS federal employees are permitted to attend classes for credit, but on a "space available" basis. NPS employees are guided by the Civilian Academic Development Program.

Employees who have firmly decided on a degree program may apply online for that specific program. Most employees, however, require some time to establish which degree program they wish to pursue. In this case, employees are advised to take classes for two quarters before deciding on a program and then complete the application for admission.

In order for a degree to be granted, a student must be formally accepted and admitted to a degree program. This formal acceptance and admittance can only come from the Director of Admissions. All applications must be submitted online. Please note that even after being formally admitted, staff members are still required to register for classes through the Registrar’s office on a space available basis. The Staff/Employee Registration form can be found at the Registrar’s office and online.  The forms must be submitted each quarter to the Registrar’s office during the Add/Drop period, which usually ranges from two weeks before to two weeks after the start of classes each quarter. For specific start dates, refer to the academic calendar.

Once an employee applicant has been accepted, the Admissions Office will notify the applicant and coordinate curriculum enrollment with the Registrar’s office.

Graduate Education Service Obligation:

DoD Civilians: Service obligation for DoD Civilians is promulgated in 5 CFR Ch 410.309, but normally consists of a 3:1 payback and is usually specified in a Contract Service Agreement (CSA). The service obligation is computed in return for educational contact time (actual class time).

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