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Case Studies in Complex Operations

The CCO is pleased to announce the first in a new series of educational case studies. The Center for Complex Operations Case Studies Series provides classroom teaching case studies that focus on complex operations --  stability, security, transition and reconstruction, counterinsurgency and irregular warfare. These teaching cases are provided with instructor guides and are relevant to the many disciplines needed to achieve stability goals -- establishment of safe and secure environments, the rule of law, social well-being, good governance, and sustainable economic growth. The protagonists in the case studies include the many actors involved in a comprehensive approach to complex operations-- governmental, nongovernmental, public and private, domestic and international.

The first case study is Security by Contractor: Outsourcing in Peace and Stability Operations by Volker Franke. Student and Teacher editions are available for download on the Recent Publications page.

Several important recent studies have called for incentives to grow the field of capable scholars and practitioners, and to provide tools for educators, students and practitioners. The Center for Complex Operations, in particular Dave Sobyra and Michael Miklaucic, answered that call with support for this series of complex operations teaching case studies. Series Editor Karen Guttieri worked with talented civilian and military practitioners and scholars as well as the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Diplomacy in a process that included intensive workshops and peer review. This series has thus not only promoted research, it has also established and strengthened relationships among civilian and military researchers and practitioners.

We hope you enjoy these case studies and welcome your feedback. We hope further you will inform us of your experience using them, and that you will consider becoming involved in writing for the series or NDU’s new journal, Prism in the future.

If you would like to become a member of the Center of Complex Operations Community please go to and register to join. Registering with the CCO portal will allow you to interact on the discussion boards, view upcoming CCO events, read and submit content on complex operations.

Posted April 30, 2010

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