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The Global Public Policy Academic Group (GPPAG) was established by the Naval Postgraduate School in 2009 as an inter-disciplinary approach to explore the interconnections of globalization and U.S. national security policy. GPPAG conducts inter-disciplinary research and develops research-led educational programs investigating the relationships between globalization and national security.

A core competency of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is the linking of traditional disciplines to national security and defense applications. NPS faculty provide a wide-range of relevant expertise on leadership, program management, economic development, strategy and planning, cross-cultural communications, conflict resolution, metrics, organizational learning, and other relevant subjects. A core mission of NPS is to prepare security practitioners for the emerging security environment.

Through the Global Public Policy Academic Group, the Naval Postgraduate School endeavors not only to broaden the understanding of the forces of globalization and their potential impact on national security, but to also shape U.S. national policy.

A primary mission of the Global Public Policy Academic Group is to foster research.  Consequently, GPPAG has assembled a group of inter-disciplinary faculty representing a variety of academic disciplines within NPS and other universities to conduct funded research on the national security implications of globalization. Faculty from all NPS departments and from other universities are eligible to participate in GPPAG’s research and educational programs. NPS faculty may participate informally or through formal joint appointments between their home departments and the Global Public Policy Academic Group.

The Global Public Policy Academic Group is developing curricula for both a Master’s and a Ph.D. in Global Public Policy. NPS may also enter into dual degree arrangements with other universities for the Global Public Policy degrees. Potential students include military officers, Department of Defense civilians, students in education for government service programs, and international students. GPPAG will integrate on-going efforts to provide certificate and Master’s degree programs now resident in NPS’ Cebrowski Institute Security and Global Environment program with talent resident across NPS.

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The Global Public Policy Academic Group delivers broad-based, inter-disciplinary, research-informed education programs investigating the interaction of globalization and U.S. national security, in support of the United States National Security Strategy, the National Defense Strategy, the National Strategy for Homeland Defense, and the Navy’s Maritime Strategy.

The Global Public Policy Academic Group is focused on the following key topics in the globalization and national security area: energy security, global governance and development, critical defense technologies, and terrorism.

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