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Technology has played a role in the education of students at the Naval Postgraduate School since its inception in 1909, but after 1953, when the first digital computer was installed on campus, technology became central. BuShips, in a far-sighted move, gave an NCR102A to NPS. This was the first in a series of computers dedicated to improving the classroom experience of the student officers.

While other universities limited access to expensive computing resources, NPS made computer time freely available to students in all curricula. This was a clear objective of early leaders – Profs. W.R. Church and Elmo Stewart, of the Mathematics Department -- and especially of the first Director of the W. R. Church Computer Center, Prof. Douglas G. Williams.


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As we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of graduate education at the Navy’s University, we remember the early days when a slide rule was the technology of choice, but we document the growth of computing and of information technology into the very fabric of education at NPS.  Technology leadership is our legacy, but is also our mission.  In the following pages, we will recognize those who have made significant contributions to the School, explore past accomplishments and current achievements, and look to the future of computing, communications, data management and networking.

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