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Train the Trainers Workshop held at PSOTC

Article by Maggie Spivey

A four-day Train the Trainers Workshop on the topic of “Engaging Women's Leadership in Security and Defense Institution Building” was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the Peace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC) from June 21-24.  

The purpose of the workshop was to review the new curriculum developed jointly by the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), in its capacity as the U.S. Partnership for Peace Training and Education Center (USPTC), and the PSOTC.  
The workshop was led by NPS faculty and staff who provided education and training to the future course instructors, including PSOTC staff, University of Sarajevo professors, Ministry of Security representatives, and subject matter experts from regional organizations, such as Atlantic Initiative, a nongovernmental organization.

“The Bosnian PSOTC is going to be the first entity in the region to have such a comprehensive program on the education of the importance of incorporating women into security and defense,” stated Dr. Maria Pineda, NPS Visiting Professor with the Global Public Policy Academic Group, who has been spearheading the curriculum development over the past year and a half.  

“This is a comprehensive education program, not just covering UN or NATO requirements.  It recognizes that the inclusion of women into security and defense is a leadership issue for men, women, and institutions.  That is how the curriculum design has been approached,” added Pineda.  “The aim is that this becomes an ongoing educational program for the PSOTC and the region, and this change is operationalized.”

The outcome of the curriculum development is both a standalone course and a module that can be incorporated into existing PSOTC courses.   The pilot course is scheduled for September, and participants will include noncommissioned and staff officers from the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries in the region as well as civilian government personnel to allow for a “whole of government” approach.

Further, members of the security community will be in attendance as the PSOTC recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the country’s Ministry of Security.  This will increase the training, education, and collaboration between the country’s security and defense institutions.   

As the PSOTC expands its course offerings, it is also utilizing the PTC network to reach a greater audience.  During the workshop, the PSOTC staff completed the NATO course information form—defining clear learning objectives and setting in motion the process for NATO accreditation.

The NPS and PSOTC partnership has allowed both PTCs to enhance their respective areas of expertise.  And with the “Engaging Women's Leadership in Security and Defense Institution Building” course set for September, the PSOTC continues its growth as a provider of education and training to the current and future military and civilian leaders of the country and region.

Posted July 14, 2011



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