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Engaging Women’s Leadership in Security and Defense Institution Building (SDIB) (Conference/workshop)

The SDIB conference and workshop took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) and was hosted by the BiH Peace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC) and the US Partnership for Peace Training and Education Center (USPTC), Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).  The participants were primarily from local, regional, and international levels including representatives from governmental, non-governmental, security, and defense institutions. The SDIB program was the initial event of the proposed three-year collaboration between the two PTCs.  

The purpose of the conference and workshop was to inform participants regarding gender in a variety of contexts, delve deeper into the integration of gender in Security and Defense Institution Building, examine what is being done now and what should be done in the future to maximize women’s inclusion in SDIB, and start to develop the PSOTC educational and training content on engaging women in security, defense, and peacekeeping.

The event was the starting point of the process of the development of gender-related curriculum in support of Defense Institution Building that will be taught at the PSOTC and contribute to security and stability in BiH and the region.

March 24-26, 2010

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

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