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Today@NPS - February 2012

Today@NPS showcases some of the speakers, conferences, experiments, lectures, and other events that take place at the Naval Postgraduate School on a daily basis.  If you would like more information about any of the highlighted activities please contact the public affairs office at To view more stories visit the Today at NPS archive. NPS' photo galleries and graduation pictures can be found on the Photo Gallery - Collections page.
U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Grant P. Ammon 

Senior Senator from Georgia Visits NPS Campus
By MC1 Grant P. Ammon

Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) led a discussion with students, faculty and staff in Glasgow Hall, Feb. 24. Chambliss visited the campus to present a lecture focusing on his experiences serving in Congress and on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Chambliss shared insights and stories gleaned from the nearly 20 years of experience he has serving in Congress, and during the discussion he touched on a variety of topics ranging from cyber security and congressional
fiscal concerns to unrest in the Middle East, and military pay and benefits.

“We still have a tough fight on our hands, and we can’t afford to go skinny on funding,” said Chambliss noting the effect U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan has on the Federal budget. “We cannot continue to be the best trained and best equipped military in the world if we don’t start making some changes in the way we do business.”

Kicking off the hour-long session with stories about the challenges he faces serving in the Senate, Chambliss spent the last part of the session answering student questions and concluded by thanking the military members assembled for their service.

U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Rob Rubio 

FEMA's Second in Command Opens CHDS Annual Alumni Conference
By MC1 Leonardo Carrillo

Richard Serino, Deputy Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, gives opening remarks at the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) Alumni Professional Exchange (APEX) Continuing Education Conference, Feb. 22.

The 2012 CHDS APEX conference – titled "Terrorism, Budgets and Disasters" – brought CHDS alumni back to campus to interact with other students and learn from their experiences working in their respective fields within homeland security (HLS). Attendees learned and reflected on critical HLS issues from differing perspectives, and also visited with former classmates, expanding their network with other professionals while catching up with faculty and enjoying the Monterey Peninsula.

Since its founding in 2002, CHDS has become established as the pioneer in homeland security graduate and executive level education.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

JCASO Director Presents to Contingency Contracting Students
By MC1 Rob Rubio

Rear Adm. Ron MacLaren, Director of the Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office (JCASO), visited NPS on Feb. 21 at the invitation of Graduate School of Business and Public Policy Senior Lecturer Cory Yoder. MacLaren was on hand to speak to Yoder's MN3318 Contingency Contracting students on the current state of Operational Contract Support (OCS) mandates.

JCASO provides program management of OCS policy and doctrine, operational synchronization of theater-related contracting support planning and helps ensure Combatant Commands have a pre-planned organizational approach to contingency acquisition. MacLaren remarked that DOD has resources that the services "are going to spend in support of the warfighter, not only to meet the requirement, but to meet the military strategy and the national strategy at the same time.”  

MacLaren closed by stating, “Make sure that you remember OCS, and be one of the disciples out there. Make sure that people know that there is OCS and what we do with it, because it is not business as usual in today’s Department of Defense.”

U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Leonardo Carrillo 

Retired Flag Officer Assumes Command of NPS' National Capital Region Outreach
By MC1 Leonardo Carrillo

Retired Rear Adm. Moira N. Flanders is briefed by program managers and leadership within NPS' United States Partnership for Peace Training and Education Center (USPTC) during a campus visit, Feb. 17. Flanders recently became the director of NPS' National Capital Region (NCR) outreach office in Washington, D.C. Flanders participated in several briefings with campus leaders and organizations during last week's visit.

As NCR director, Flanders will be responsible for assisting the NPS President, Provost and senior administration on special initiatives in developing, managing and coordinating a variety of academic activities and relationships. She will also participate in efforts to broaden NPS research opportunities with sponsors located in the capital region, in addition to building more awareness with potential students from the U.S. and abroad for participation in NPS educational programs.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

Vice Chief of Naval Operations Outlines the Future Force
By Amanda D. Stein

Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mark Ferguson visited his alma mater to offer a Secretary of the Navy Guest Lecture to students, faculty and staff at the Naval Postgraduate School, Feb. 16. Ferguson addressed Navy budget projections and their impact on the future force, and the Defense Department's renewed focus on the Western Pacific region.

Having himself received a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from NPS in 1984, Ferguson understands firsthand the value of advanced education for our nation's officers, and encouraged the collective of students to take their time here as an opportunity to grow into better leaders for the Navy’s future.

“Each of you are empowered,” he continued, “and each of you should take it as a charge that your mission is to make that contribution, make that innovation that makes us better as a service. Challenge some of the things that we are doing. Take the things you have learned and go out there and use it for good – for the good of the Navy, the Marine Corps, and your service.”

U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Rob Rubio 

Industry Leader in Thought Leadership Wraps Up Latest NSLS
By MC1 Rob Rubio

Chris Beveridge, Senior Manager, CISCO Thought Leadership, speaks to attendees of the Navy Senior Leadership Seminar (NSLS) in Ingersoll Hall, Feb. 16. During the presentation, he remarked on critical ob skills, roles and teamwork, leadership training and making good decisions under fire – all of which are a sustainable advantage for employees.  “Employees are our human capital,” he noted.

CISCO has four aspects of measuring success, noted Beveridge. “You have to be able to produce speed, scale, flexibility and replication … We believe that there are four things that are important to remember about this process: the decision making process, leadership characteristics, resource management and accountability.” He closed his presentation by sharing that his own large family of several brothers and sisters have a significant presence in the military, and that service to our country is near and dear to his heart.  

The Navy Senior Leader Seminar provides senior officers (06/05) and senior civilians (GS-15) with an intensive nine-day executive education program that introduces the latest "best practices" in strategic planning, goal setting, strategic communication, effects-based thinking, risk management, financial management, and innovation.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

Civil Affairs Professionals Expand Knowledge in Complex Operations
By Javier Chagoya

California State Parks Ranger Michael Green of the Monterey Custom House poses a series of questions to civil affairs officers during his presentation on early California history, explaining how the region’s trade factored as a crucial contributor to a world in the midst of an industrial revolution. “Something as simple as cow hides and tallow – and many other products produced from the vast herds of California cattle – fed into industries, developed markets and sprung new trade routes around the world,” said Green.  

In addition to the Monterey Custom House, the group also toured Colton Hall which features a re-creation of the meeting room where California's first Constitution was drafted. The history of California, an example of transition from military to civilian rule, is particularly relevant for the group of civil affairs officers and students. The local Monterey landmarks provided a glimpse at some of the locations that played a role in the state's transformation.

Offered through NPS' Global Public Policy Academic Group, the purpose of the Stability, Security, and Development in Complex Operations certificate is to provide a professional education program to the civil affairs community focusing on the relevant, requisite skills identified by the Department of Defense as necessary for implementing irregular warfare on a global scale.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

Spacecraft Robotics Lab Completes 'Heavy' Acquisition
By Javier Chagoya

Professor Marcello Romano of the NPS Spacecraft Robotics Lab and his team of associates and researchers conduct high-precision, spacecraft robotic simulations, and needed a large, extremely accurate platform with near zero tolerances to conduct them — a near 30,000-lb slab of granite. Robots float on a cushion of compressed air passing through a series of supersonic air thrusters, essentially simulating how a real spacecraft reacts in the vacuum of space. Maneuvers can be accurately calculated and predicted in various movements.

Because of the enormous weight of the granite, including the large mobile crane required to heft the behemoth stone, a labyrinth of buttressing was fitted into the lower floor as a precaution. It was just the second phase of the contracted services NPS Contract Specialist Jennifer Lee helped provide. All together, the installation of the table required a combined effort to contract for the physical granite table itself, full rigging services, and a remodel effort in Halligan Hall with an entire wall being removed to make way for the table.

The effort still has a few steps before completion and the table is ready to be used. The room will be painted flat-black and several mounted Infrared Global Positioning System units will do the metrology as they follow the robots path across this extraordinarily clean, flat surface.

U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Leonardo Carrillo 

Africa FAOs Attend Course on Sino-African Relations
By MC1 Leonardo Carrillo

Professor Michael Glosny of NPS' Department of National Security Affairs speaks about Sino-African relations to a group of Africa Foreign Area Officers (FAO) from regional commands during the Joint Foreign Area Officer Skill Sustainment Pilot Program (JFSSPP), Feb. 8. Sponsored by the Defense Language Office in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, JFSSPP is the first DoD program to meet skill sustainment and professional development goals for all service FAOs.

Participating officers take part in discussions and presentations with topics ranging from the African economy and terrorism to security and stability, among many others. Glosny’s presentation focused on Chinese intervention in Africa. He gave a brief historic account about the Chinese influence in Africa and its increased interest and investment in the region, and discussed the effects of these interventions on U.S. interests.

JFSSPP in-residence courses bring a select number of seasoned FAOs to Monterey for advanced seminars on security policy and international politics taught by NPS faculty and outside experts, in addition to customized language training with Defense Language Institute instructors. The NPS itinerary is followed by a regional program, often overseas, that focuses on a specific region's security affairs.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

NPS Students Kick-off AT&T Pro-Am Week with Sportscasting Legends
By Javier Chagoya

For the past several years, CBS sportscasting legends Lance Barrow and Jim Nantz, pictured above center, have made breakfast with NPS students part of their production schedule while on the Peninsula as they prepare to televise one of the most storied golf tournaments in the world, the AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach.

This year, they personally thanked the handful of NPS military for their service, and shared their own stories of family members who have made sacrifices while in uniform. They also recognized that, every year, NPS students step up to volunteer at the Pro-Am and it’s them who really make the event successful where it counts. Local charities benefit greatly since costs for the event are reduced thanks to the volunteerism from the local military ranks.

An effort that will obtain some additional exposure this year is NPS’ own community outreach efforts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. NPS student, along with Director of Research Communications and Outreach Dr. Dave Nickles, will be helping staff a "STEM Zone" tent where youngsters can learn more about the physics of golf.

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

Collaboration and Immersion in the Computing 'Cloud' of the Future
By Javier Chagoya

Some of the world’s best ideas begin on a napkin over lunch, as did an e-infrastructure concept sketched out by Dr. Cees (pronounced Case) de Laat and his colleagues several years ago, demonstrated on a slide during a Cebrowksi Institute lecture on the future of network topologies, Feb. 3.

During his talk, de Laat described a much broader vision than what is typically thought of with computing in the "cloud." He described a dynamic, robust, efficient and programmable system of resources and networks that will enable a new revolution in computing – a revolution where data reside in native locales, computing happens somewhere else, and scientists and researchers work cooperatively in immersive, compelling environments.

Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation (MOVES) Institute Research Associate Jeff Weekley has collaborated with de Laat for some time now as Weekley's work with CineGrid to develop tools that enable the exchange of very-high-quality digital media over photonic networks parallels with de Laat's.

U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Rob Rubio 

Army Students Awarded Commendation Medal for Assisting Shark Attack Victim
By MC1 Rob Rubio

Defense Analysis students Army Master Sgt. Garric Banfield, Maj. Jonathan Bleakley and Paramedic Lorenzo Navarro of American Medical Response, from left, are pictured following a special awards ceremony hosted by NPS' Defense Analysis department. The trio were recognized for their quick actions in assisting local resident Eric Tarantino, Oct. 29, after he was bitten by an estimated 15-20 ft. shark while surfing at Marina State Beach.

Army Col. Greg Wilson, Special Operations Forces Chair, remarked, “In the military, we focus on training our guys for combat … What we don’t always recognize is how those skills can give back to the nation and to the communities where these great soldiers come from.”  Banfield and Bleakley were preparing to hit the waves themselves that day when they immediately recognized Tarantino struggling to come ashore just moments after the attack. The two students acted quickly, stabilizing the victim with the help of Navarro, and were coined by Wilson as a “dream team” out on the beach.

Banfield and Bleakley were awarded the Army Commendation Medal for heroism and selfless actions, while Navarro was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Defense Analysis department for outstanding support and heroic actions.

U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Leonardo Carrillo 

NPS Sailing Associations

A five-member crew of the growing NPS Sailing Association prepare a Santana 22' sailboat for a group sail excursion into the Monterey Bay, Jan. 27. The association provides excursions for seasoned sailors and newcomers alike. It is one of many student-run organizations and clubs on campus that allow students to participate in activities and fellowship outside of the classroom.  

"The NPS Sailing Association is gaining momentum as a student-run sailing organization,” notes student Marine Corps Capt. Jennifer Giles. “We are providing an exceptional opportunity for anyone from amateur sailors to sailing enthusiasts to practice the art of sailing.”

U.S.Navy photo by Javier Chagoya 

Naval War College Monterey Graduates Honored for Academic Achievements

Naval War College honor graduates stand for a group portrait following their recognition ceremony in Halligan Hall, Jan. 31.

Earning ‘with Highest Distinction’ by completing the program in the top five percent of their class were Marine Corps Capt. Justin Hooker, Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Plumer and Lt. Adam Wiseman.  Earning ‘with Distinction’ by completing the program in the top 15 percent of their class were Army Maj. Darby Aviles, Lt. Michael Casper, Lt. Cmdr. Jeffrey DeMarco, Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Geiser, Lt. Cmdr. Karen Goff, Marine Corps Capt. Christopher Gromadski, Lt. Bryan Kemmitz, Lt. Jonathan Lohn, Lt. Cmdr. Taeko McFadden and Lt. Brian Moore.

Pictured in the first row, left to right, are DeMarco, Lohn, Wiseman, Goff and McFadden; second row, left to right, are Casper, Gromadski, Hooker and Plumer; and third row, left to right, are Kemmitz, Geiser, Aviles and Moore.

Not pictured are Army Maj. Heyward Davis, Army Maj. Justin Hufnagel, and Army Maj. Anthony Pollio, who also earned ‘with Highest Distinction.’  Lt. Cmdr. Michael Bishop, Cmdr. Michael Bissell, Army Maj. Devin Eselius, Marine Corps Maj. Aaron Hinman, Army Maj. Marcus Hunter, Marine Corps Capt. Michael Manning, and Marine Corps Capt. Laura Perazzola, also earned ‘with Distinction.’

U.S.Navy photo by MC1 Rob Rubio 

Navy's Cyber Commander Visits NPS
By MC1 Leonardo Carrillo

Commander for the Navy's Fleet Cyber Command and U.S. 10th Fleet, Vice Adm. Michael Rogers, right, discusses cyber defense with members of NPS' Cyber Academic Group during a school visit, Jan. 30. Rogers was on campus to participate in a series of lectures and presentations on Information Dominance (ID).

“As the 10th Fleet Commander, clearly cyber is one of our primary missions – and an important element of our success in the cyber arena is going to be the knowledge and the abilities of the workforce,” said Rogers. ”The Naval Postgraduate School has an important part to play in helping educate the cyber workforce of the Navy of the future.”

Rogers also participated in the Information Dominance Senior Leader Symposium (IDSLS), facilitated by the Center for Executive Education, during which Rogers met with other ID leaders attending the event. The IDSLS is designed to provide senior leadership with the strategic capabilities to succeed in the Information Dominance community.

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